Paroles de la chanson Drunk par JZAC

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Paroles de la chanson Drunk par JZAC

Different week same shit around here dog ain't nothing new
Got a call from Kyle told him I'm coming through
He told me stop grab him a Sprite for his cup of Goose
Through the phone I could hear what they were bumping to
I went and made a pit stop
Parked at the Quick Stop
Already had a fifth but grabbed a six of some twist tops
Better safe than sorry
By the time I hit the party it was already 10:40
I'm tryna blow this stress from my mother fucking work week off
It's been like 5 months since I had a work week off
I'm at the door ain't no sense in knocking
So I walk in
Super low key but it's popping
I give a nod to a kid that I never met then he asked for a cigarette
I told him I didn't smoke but I let him finish his sentence
Saw my homie so I dapped him up, then we started laughing at jokes
That I kept on cracking but yoo let's skip the chatting
Cuz I'm sober let me pour a shot
Nah yoo let's let pour a shot
Ima drink this liquor till my body hit the floor and drop
Like are we drinking more or not?
Are we drinking more or not?

I let the liquor hit my liver probably killing myself
But that shit don't really matter when You feeling yourself
Aye Logan bout to roll a blunt I don't really smoke a ton
He passed it to me anyway just cuz I was the closest one
I took a little hit shit you know what I'm saying
He always got the loud pack that's got me choking again
(Cough) I'm straight with it, and yeah I'm kinda high but I hold it all together like a paper clip
I made another drink Future playing again
I heard that Molly Percocet joint banging again
We sat around the table chilling for like 2 or 3 Hours
Till the bottles ran dry and the food was devoured
I checked my phone around 1 in the morning, the time was soaring
And noticed that I had gotten a text that said I'm horny
From this chick I want to smash since last summer
Checked my pocket I was down to my last rubber that's perfect
Couple homies dipped another sleep on the couch
Told Kyle I was dipping grabbed my keys and I'm out
He asked if I was straight to drive I said you freaking me out
Chill dog yeah I'm fine man you freaking me out

Pussy on my mind girl I'm thinking bout you
Let my car warm up for a minute or two
I been thinking bout the things that I'm itching to do
And ain't a single person stopping me from getting to you

I said I'm coming and she made a joke
It gave me hope that she'll do everything that she's saying yo
I'm 20 minutes out I can't reverse the mission
And truthfully I am little drunk but I've driven under worse conditions
35 miles the whole time, cuz I don't need no cops stopping me at the goal line
And I don't need a DWI dog cuz I don't got no money for that
Fuck I barely even got enough money for gas
She texted how close baby oh it's funny you ask
I'm bout 10 minutes out and I'ma bust in that ass

This what happens when you stick to the plan dog
I know these back roads like the back of my hand dog
I blinked for just a second, shit that really came up quicker than expected
Saw some lights and didn't fucking realize the road was bending

I opened up my eyes I'm alive, doctors looking surprised
With no major issues it's a miracle you're alright
I thank god or my guardian angel
Who used his halo to save me from something fatal, I'm eternally grateful
Then he got a little lower looked me right in my eyes
He said you hit some other people and they didn't survive
You killed a mother and her baby
The daughter was 5 that was bout the moment I was wishing I died dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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