Paroles de la chanson Allfather par Jethro Tull

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Paroles de la chanson Allfather par Jethro Tull

Allfather, how can we help you?
How can we bring you wondrous notions?
Allfather, how do we read you?
How do we will you godly emotions?

Eye for a lie, tooth for a truth
Hang from the branches, above the well
Nine days pass in the blink of one eye
One eye in heaven, the other in hell

Allfather, learn from the symbols
Born in these waters, a gift for the giving
To others who fawn at the feet of the master
And bathe in the presence, the dead and the living

The heavy door closed with a thud
The vast and book-lined hallowed halls
Sucks me in with endless breath
With steady heartbeats to install me

At the gate of all there is
And all there was, as best we know
From pen to paper, man to child
The gift of learning's afterglow

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