Paroles de la chanson Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!) par Ice-T

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Paroles de la chanson Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!) par Ice-T

My lifestyles crazy,I'm luxury lazy
So much gold that jewelry don't phase me
Coroless phone,eight or nine homes
Girlies on my Jammie with Ice-T Jones
Bank account boomin',fast lane zoomin'
Known around the world for my high post groomin'
Mac like a preacher,love like a teacher
Got a girl who lives in Paris
When I want her I beep her
Too many clothes,gotta rag top rolls
1.000 Watt system and my speakers are bose
I kick it like a champ,I throught you knew it
But pimpin' ain't easy

But somebody gotta do it

My thumbs are tired just from countin' cash
No more room in my diamond stash
Filin' my nails is such a tirin' task
Gold knobs on my benzo dash
Five freaks just to comb my hair
Monograms on my underwear
Bodyguards around so please don't dare
You're takin' a chance if you just stop and stare
Livin' my life is just so hard to do
Makin' deals a million one or two
Buyin' new cars for my entire crew
Matching Ferraris,E's black,mine's blue
Can't swin a lap in my pool because it's just too long
Could never go broke because my banks too strong
No matter what I do I simply can't go wrong
And I'll make money,I don't need this damn song

But somebody's gotta do it

When I walk in a joint,punks always look at me hard
Because I wear enough gold to tie a dog in a yard
Cold maxin' in my mansion so big it's silly
Got a butler named Humphry and a maid named Milly
Mink sheets on my bed,that's what I said
Gourmet chefs in my kitchem so that I can get fed
So tired of sailin' on my boat I might just Helicopter
To my jet and catch a midnight flight
So many girls in my book,it weighs a tom
Gotta leave the damn country just to have some fun
Private suite at the track to watch the ponies run

And there ain't nothin' in the word
That me an "E" ain't done

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