Paroles de la chanson Baby By Rico par GuapRico

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Paroles de la chanson Baby By Rico par GuapRico

Aye, what's good, y'all (Yeah)
It's your boy, GuapRico (Yeah)
And welcome to Rico's Tape

Tryna float on this mixtape
Can't make a mistake, aw
I knew I was diffy since the sixth grade
Slidin' to your cribbo, I'm not there yet but I'm midway, aw
Pour the shot up ready
Let it sit for me, aw
Ice shinin' on me, babe, I'm Tiffany
Tryna take the game and not get caught up in the industry, aw, yeah

Baby, aw
It's just you
And me, aw

Yeah, every day we running out of time for our love
Tryna put the other shit aside for you, love
Listen to the angels when they cry for you, love
Listen to the angels, babe
I made you this mixtape of five-star vibes
Isn't this supposed to be the time of our lives
Tell me how the real thing wilder than lies
Tell me how these hoes still a child at 25
Nah, I don't trust these hoes ‘cause they're out of their minds
Baby it's your boy with the waves on the top shaved down on the sides
Chasin' all this money I could drown in at times, aw, aw, aw

Baby, aw
It's just you
And me, aw
And me, aw
Baby, aw
It's just you
And me, aw (Aw, aw)

Yeah, same people sayin' perfect timin' be the ones that timed me
Please don't patronize me
Cuervo Cristalino on me hittin' like it's Tatis, okay
I ain't duckin' 12 but I ain't stoppin'
Did you want a bottle?
I just popped it
Deuce to all my babies who was toxic, you know
Baby always say if I done lost it
But until that happens just pour me some shit and toss it, you know (Baby, aw)

Yeah, baby, aw (It's just you)
It's just you (And me, aw)
And me, aw (And me, aw)
Yeah, yeah (And me, aw)
Yeah (And me, aw)

(And me, aw)
(And me, aw)
It's your boy, GuapRico, shordy (And me aw)
Yeah, aye (Me, aw)
(Yeah, it's your boy, GuapRico, and welcome to Rico's Tape) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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