Paroles de la chanson High On Life par Giggs

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Paroles de la chanson High On Life par Giggs

So high on life
She's tryna fuck me while he's tryna wife
And I'm 'bout to finalise this final fight (Yeah)
Does she like me or these shining lights?
I don't trust em
I don't trust these bitches
I don't judge em
I'm just superstitious
But I'm too delicious
I'm just, drippy
Yeah my suit be dripping
Please don't, touch me
'Cause I'm cute and ticklish
Ended '22
Yeah the penny soon drop, better give me room
We gon' take over the top (Top)
Very soon
Yeah I'm comin' for them, then we move
Try to share it with them
Nah, they refused
If everybody hates
Who's Terry Cruz
Think he's black and white
Betty Boo
Leave her pussy bruised up
Yeah, I bet you bruised
I'll just met with booze
[Tiny Boost]
Maybe lay a settle, give it couple weeks then
I go grab that metal, I'm thinkin' 38
Yeah so, we can make it special
Even bring madman, he can grab a kettle
I put a filler where I buy, they been disrespectful
Bitch made niggas
Probably wear still stilettos
I wonder what they're drinking

They probably like Prosecco
We could mop him up and
Just wash him out the ghetto
Soften that Cornetto
Tickled pink
They threw everything at us but the kitchen sink
We could make a phone call pulling different strings
Niggas make me sick
Man these bitches cringe

[Tiny Boost]
All we do is win, you know it goes bang once it hits the pin
I can put the shusha run it, you all hear a thing
Goin' against a gang like pissing in the wind
Don't bullet proof your vest, bullet proof your skin
[Giggs & Tiny Boost]
I'm a picture youngin', left that boy with free shots in his pickled onion
Can't get to you then fuck it, we might crip your cousin
We might grip your brother They won't see it coming
They better dip for cover
They best duck and dive
Can't get him by the morning, get him done by night
Big hammers over here, ain't no hunting knives
They just slumped him, yeah they touched him twice
Then they jumped on bikes
We destroyed them, we lift them in point 'em
Bitch niggas now they're on the streets spillin' poison
Little duck niggas we should dip them in ???
When it comes to gangsta rap shit with, we the voices
Real nigga tapestry, deal with your casualty
If he a snake, he'll get clapped with the accuracy
Ah, I handle more straps than the amnesty
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