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Paroles de la chanson Express par G Perico

Another Mike D Exclusive

[Casey Veggies]
Yeah, aw yeah
Aw man, yeah
You ain't cut like this
You ain't cut like this
No, I can never switch
At all, at all, at all, yeah

[Casey Veggies]
You ain't cut like this, no I could never switch
These boys probably mad cause my name's so legit
What's up with all these fake niggas you was running with?
You get a lot of new friends when that budget hit
I'm talking so much money, can't fit in no money clip
Ay G, we gotta show these niggas who they fuckin' with
I can't chase a ho, I make little shorty come and get it
Before I change up, probably let her find another nigga
And since a youngin' I done ran up like a hundred digits
My Brody told me "watch these dudes looking so suspicious"
Before we let 'em get up on us, we gon' get on them niggas
The fam depend on me, we gotta make it home, my nigga
Bounded by no residential, yeah, the watch is presidential
Young nigga run that check up just like it's fundamental
These niggas hate being in my city, boy, I'm monumental
I never talk down on my brother, that shit confidential, aw yeah

Spot full of killers, everybody getting money, everybody pop pistols
With the plots cause we plotting, steady plotting on these millions
We just got another win, got these niggas in their feelings
I ain't got that many friends but I got a lot of love
If you wanna be my bitch, we ain't ever wearing rubbers
I wrote all my dreams out on 108th
Eight years later, now I own the whole place
I'm running on my race (Race), going at my pace (Pace)
Going state to state (State), fuckin' up the stage (Clicc)
South Central mental, gold chains and a pistol
I used to gangbang when I was real real little (Where you from?)
Real deal killers jump out and come get you
Your day to day habits is what you turn into (Innerprize)
Escalate (Escalate), motivate (Motivate)
Keep it gangster, don't ever soldier hate (Bitch)
The Innerprize Express getting ready for the take off
I ain't get to meet him but it's long live Takeoff
And long live Colie and all my dead homies
I know them niggas proud, smiling down on me
East Side, but it's West Side B-way
The number one gang on this side of the freeway
Ain't no debate, real niggas relate
If it ain't about no money, watch the message that you relay (Shut up)
Once you fuck up your life, it ain't no replay
Who really running this shit? We'll let the streets say
Niggas be talking 'bout foreigns but I don't see a thing
I be all through South Central, switching lanes
In the latest, pocket full of blue faces
Hanging out the window, throwing up Gangster's

Don't wake me up, man
I feel like I'm dreaming
I'm on the express to success
Innerprize Clicc
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