Paroles de la chanson Still Your Girl par Fleurie

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Paroles de la chanson Still Your Girl par Fleurie

I was a black sheep wandering
You were an open wound
Falling from so much darkness
Into an empty room

Pictures that cut like daggers
From halfway across the globe
This time, you're the one across the ocean
While I'm here alone

I wish that you could see
Fragments of you and me
Cut and pasted from dreaming unfurled
I swear I'm still your girl

Hollow, the lingering cinematic
Silence that colors these walls
Time and space have conspired
To make us worthy to hold it all

Destiny falls
No second glance
You broke the pieces of my soul like particle board
It's a cheap romance
You sold me short
Before I had the chance
To be your bright light fading fast
Now the question stands
Will you save the last dance?

I think that we could be
Makers of history
Kids with a destiny in this world
I swear I'm still your girl
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