Paroles de la chanson Attachment par Fetty Wap

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Paroles de la chanson Attachment par Fetty Wap

[Fetty Wap]
Drink a little bit of that Poland Spring, you know what I'm sayin'?
I'ma talk my shit now
I don't know if I'ma talk my shit about you or I'ma talk my shit about me, but
I'ma talk my shit, I'll be ready to go and I'ma pop my shit, that's what I do, you know what I mean?
Shit, yeah
Y'all niggas ain't ever even heard me on no shit like this before, like
I'm usually the one doin' the singing, haha
Haha, Zoovie
2020, it's just sometimes, you gotta switch it up on these niggas, man, 'cause
Show these niggas they really not on your level, man (Yeah)
And got a lot of catchin' up to do (Ayy, yeah)

[Fetty Wap]
Let's paint a picture for 'em, baby, real artist shit
Girl, it's only me and you, now that's a partnership
I compliment you every day, girl, I love the way you do it
Business savvy, plus she classy, always vibin' to her music
And she ain't never late, that money call, she gettin' to it
Always dot her Is and cross her Ts, she do not confuse it
Nothin' like no boss bitch, never been no lost bitch
Loyalty and love, girl, it's free, it don't cost shit
I could feel you deep down in my body, in my soul with it
Never been the type to show emotions, I'm controllin' it
I'm feelin' like I put the top down, it's you I'm rollin' with
Soon as I put the blunt out, then I roll again
I don't go out my way, but when I do, I hope you notice it
Businesses for me and for you, I'm talkin' ownership
Girl, put your name on that title, we ain't loanin' shit
Fix your crown then you walk in like you own this bitch

[Styles P]
Fetty, what up?
Let me talk to my queen on this one
I feel your vibes, baby bro

[Styles P]
Wherever you goin', know I'm comin', I couldn't stay away
Money can't buy love, but it put it on layaway
We wait for the night to put the day away (Put it away)
And we get to fuckin' and put the J away (Tss)
Roll another J (Tss), then another J (Tss)
Me and you together forever, can't see another way (Uh-uh)
Bonnie and Clyde vibes, never puttin' the gun away (Never)
We talk to the moon to put the sun away (Sun away)
The white fence (Fence), black sands (Sands)
Kisses on your forehead, naval and your backhand (All that)
Streets tried to eat me like they was Pac-Man
Yeah, it's rough for a brother, you know, the Black man (You know)
But you stuck with me like you Gorilla Glue (Stuck with me)
So I hold it down like a gorilla do
I don't fuck with the monkeys, I make gorilla moves (Yeah)
Yeah, we livin' this life, that's what the scrilla do (Ahh)
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