Paroles de la chanson Barstool Warrior par Dream Theater

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Paroles de la chanson Barstool Warrior par Dream Theater

In a dark and lonely corner, all the time and dark side in
Sits a local barstool warrior, talking to his gin
Reaching past decisions, emotions for a shot
Is he doomed to be a man this world forgot?

Just a prison [?] monster on his back

Call it bad luck, call it fate
Call it stuck here the rest of my days
Serves me right, right words wrong
And where do I belong?

In the glow of flashing lights, on a [?] road
Knocking at the [?]
Tries to signal [?], with anguish in our lies
Will he see the world of [?]

Or is it too late?

Why's it bad luck, why's it fate?
Or a past that you couldn't escape?
It's not right, something's wrong
Just where do I belong?

[Instrumental Interlude]

Promises made, crying in vain
All empty, never accepting the blame
And I'm letting go of the shame
A riddle of tears, as much chanting years
Are wasted on someone not willing to change
Now only a shadow remains
No one can save you and there's no one to save
And [?]
You will become all you see, all you feel
All you dream

Now I'm coming the [?] away and I don't look back
I'm starting a new life today
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