Paroles de la chanson Genius Rap par Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde

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Paroles de la chanson Genius Rap par Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde

Hey, we're Frank, Tim, new and improved
We're goin' to rock a party just for you
Step up to the floor and grab a girl
We'll make a bald man's hair curl

Now everybody here has seen us before
We took a little chill and now we're back for more
While we were away worked both day and night
And now we think we've got it right
With twin spin we're about to begin
So open up the door and let the people in

It's not a mover permit or a TV show
King of swings, so be the first to know
We have no doubt that we can turn you out

Because rockin' the house is what we be about
I'm Dr. Jeckyll ("and I'm Mr. Hyde")
And we rock the house side by side
So don't just stand there lookin' around!
Won't you c'mon c'mon? (Won't you c'mon c'mon?)
Won't you c'mon c'mon? Let's all get down
So everybody in the house be the first to know
It's not the hip-hop of the discos, it's not Don Juan or Romeo
It's the Jeckyll AND -- the Jeckyll AND -- the Jeckyll AND Hyde Show
So Dr. Jeckyll is my man
Just get on the mike and do what you can-can

[Dr. Jeckyll]
Well, my name Dr. Jeckyll and I'm on the ball
And time never catches me off the wall
I do with [?] three steps ahead

And just like the man said
I went to the mother's truck
And I'm guaranteed to rock this party
I'm full of fire, full of fun
G-Rock and Dr. J, you're number one
--That's me!
--Just get on the mike and rock...

[Dr. Hyde]
Well, my name is Mr. Hyde and time is always on my side
So I take as much time as I do
Because I shock the house from the young ladies
So won't you hurry, hurry, come and see my show
Once you're under my spell I'll never let you go

And I'll be your baby at your request
Because I know you want nothing but the best

[Break -- Both]
My man Hank can shout it out! (Hey!)
To the Bronx, shout it out! (Ho!)
In Brooklyn, shout it out! (Ho!)
In Queens, shout it out! (Ho!)
Staten Island, shout it out! (Ho!)
Well, they're rockin' on McDonaldland
Well, everybody's just having fun
Even you deserve a break today, and now we're gonna give you one!
Now throw your hands up in the air
And shake 'em through the atmosphere
You're feelin' good, you're on the go
Somebody say "Gigolo!"

Just gig-a-lo, gig-a-lo
Say ho! (Ho!)
Say ho, ho! (Ho, ho!)
Say ooh, ahh, ooh ooh ahh! (Ooh, ahh, ooh ooh ahh!)

[Dr. Hyde]
I got a picture of me and a Sony TV and a funky stereo (Oh, yeah?)
But I have no time to enjoy myself because I'm working on an MC show
I get a penthouse on Central Park and I got a lovely view
Just come on over to my crib, girl, and it'll be about me and you
I turn off my TV and my stereo and then I even close my door
And by the time I'm finished with you, sweetheart, you'll wanna come back for me

Cause my picture's in JET magazine, I'm on the cover of TV Guide (Get funky!)
They voted me MC of the year, the vicious Mr. Hyde
Well, I think it's time for Mr. Jeckyll to rock it
So c'mon, Dr. Jeckyll, it's your time to rock

[Dr. Jeckyll]
So girls ___ a lover, babay, and that I can't deny
There ain't a woman on earth that I can't handle, I get them all the time
I'm the policeman of all the fellas cause I can stop them before they start
And I'm a fireman to the young ladies because I can put out the fire in their hearts
I'm like Superman!

And don'tcha know they call me the Man of Steel?
I got jazz, pizzazz, and razzamatazz, I even got sex appeal! So
When you come to my house and you walk through the door, please remember to close the gate (Why, doc?)
Because when you come to see Dr. Jeckyll at his house, be ready to operate

Now, we walk these streets without a care!
Spend cash money like millionaires!
We walk on water, fly through air
Got a picture of her myself in her underwear...
Like Ginger Rogers, Freddy Astaire
Like Boo-Boo, girl, and Yogi the Bear, and Joe the Ranger --
He best be aware of the two MCs that are debonair

Now, the only thing that we've got to say is c'mon and give that bass a play!

And if you're feelin' good and you got it like that
Now somebody say, "And you know that!" (And you know that!")
Now if you feel in the mood to dance, now's the time, this is your chance
Just get on the floor, don't hesitate
While I rock my mike it's hard to operate
Now I'm on time each and every night
And I can mix the beat and add the rock
It's just a short ____ vibe to up the ______
If I can do it once, well, I can do it again
So, Dr. Jeckyll (That's me!)
My man (C'mon!)
Just get on the mike and do what you can

[Dr. Jeckyll]
And let your fingers fly
It's time for the sweet doctor to rock this party
Now, wham, bam, here I am
I'm like a superstar in partyland
From southern California to the coast of New York
All the women like the way I walk in ____
Cause I got style, I got grace, and I think my ladies are the best today (Uh, uh!)
Now if you're feeling good, and things are funny
Like Elmer Fudd and my man Bugs Bunny
Somebody say Cash Money (Cash Money!)
Cash Money (Cash Money!)
So keep it comin', y'all
Just keep it, keep it, keep it comin', y'all

[Fade Out]

Between Jeckyll and Hyde, side by side
So don't you girls get petrified
We won't let go 'til we're satisfied
Cause we are the ones who are qualified
We're gonna take you up to the -- hillside
Then lay you on back side by side
And then rock 'n roll with Jeckyll and Hyde dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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