Paroles de la chanson DUMB par Doe Boy

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Paroles de la chanson DUMB par Doe Boy

Oh, really?
D-O-E Beezy
Oh, oh, oh, oh
D-O-E Beezy
Hey, baby
Oh, really?

Ready or not, here I come (Here I come, here I come)
This two-piece on Nyquil, so please don't get slumped (Da-da-da-da)
My nigga fuck me 'til I'm numb (Mwah)
Fuck me 'til I Uh
And every bitch want smoke, save your lungs
With my niggas, ain't gon' feel me
Love 'em all sincerely
Baddest bitch up in NYC, clearly
None of these niggas never been near me
Somehow they bitch gon' fear me
I know I be in the wrong, but a bitch still won't spare me
Hmm, ayo, Doe Boy (What's up?)
Do you know, boy? (Oh, really?)

Ayo, Lola, I just slumped boy by his Rolls-Royce
Two-thousand-dollar Prada shoes, step on broke boys (Uh-huh)
Dick all in your BM throat, she gettin' choked, boy (Mwah, come here, baby)
I'm in Brooklyn with the gangsters, know I'm safe (Hahaha)
I be with the Shmurdas, NYPD know my face
Drop a nigga faster than my lawyer drop a case
You love me, tell me where he stay so I can spin it like the combo on my safe
Posted in the slums with my gun
Bad as fuck, lick her up 'til she cum on my tongue
Every nigga 'round me got a gun where I'm from (Gang, gang, gang)
I don't go for nothin', thought I was goin' for somethin', are you dumb? (Fool)

How you bitches fuckin' local niggas to go worldwide? (Are you dumb?)
I got hitters watchin' over me like they my third eye (They my Uh)
Butter pecan, pearl white, niggas terrified (Mwah, mwah, mwah)
Blood boiling, so this glizzy gettin' sterilized
And I got that heat to make your temperature go scuba dive (I like that, uh)

Don't go against the mob, you better off committin' suicide
Ridin' through NY, in Bed-Stuy, out here, it's do or die
Pussy here, pussy there, can't make my mind up who to try
Dumped the heat so much, I fucked around and got the cooler hot
Bitch said it was smoke and seen him, damn, why you ain't shoot the guy?
Transportin' drugs, lil' broski got his Uber hot
Make me mad, I spank that ass, I do it like I do the opps (Mwah, come here, baby)

Niggas do not spin blocks, niggas gettin' blocked off (Blocked off)
Bitches be the new fiends, gettin' niggas' rocks off (Uh)
I don't give a fuck about the govy and they top laws (I don't)
Niggas cannot get back, we already dropped y'alls
My nigga act so freaky, I get in, I just drop drawers (Hey, baby)
He ask me who pussy that it is and I said, "Not yours" (I'm sorry)
I don't give no fucks about whose seat, we don't do lapdogs (I don't, I don't, I don't)
Tell my nigga go pop y'alls (Oh, really?)

I got you
Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh (Uh-huh)
Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh (Uh-huh)
Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh, yeah
'Cause I'ma throw my shit, don't even worry about it
Fuck up out of here
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