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Paroles de la chanson Wack ass rappers (W.A.R) par Dax

It's over for you niggas
Good luck
IT'S DAX (Uh!)

Wack ass rappers like a bitch getting passed around, I dont need yo co-sign we Eint bros dis Eint no hand me down, graduated something like a scholar peep the cap and gown, started from the bottom you eint heard? Fucking ask around, kemba bars ye they got the shimmy leave you outtaa bounds, you eint got no money that’s the labels sit yo ass down
7 figures independent nigga ya I’m cashing out
Eint promoting shit you gotta pay Eint no handouts
No cap I’m bout to blow like any fucking day now my bars hitting every single state like a greyhound, Wack ass rappers call me corny cuz I play round, then ask me for advice I gotta charge here’s my PayPal
Epileptic flow my bars a give you fucking seizures, niggas hating ya I see you you’ve been screaming from the bleachers, he a preacher, I don’t like em, you too? Me neither? Wack rappers saying I didn’t even try on they features
Lemme break it down for you wack rappers this is simple math niggas if you paying half the cash then you getting half gas, Freestyle verse sounding better then yo written raps, then breastfeed you on your own track like it’s Similac
Don’t get mad at a nigga like me cuz the track you sent was trash
I can’t put no v12 bars on a V6 that shit gon crash
Global warming I recycled for the planet not yo ass
Then gave urs tracks with the most views yo wack ass Ever had
Ungrateful, so shameful, wack rappers unfaithful I done started y’all careers you niggas should he saying thank you, i
Took the time to even help y’all write tracks cuz I was begged to then you blogging on channels crying acting like I raped you
Y’all funny you eint rappers you comedians
You eating off my plate because I got the right ingredients lying to the public saying I’m exuding greediness while telling half the story without showing all the previous
Y’all niggas can’t do what I do
Y’all mad yall niggas can’t move how I move
I’m up no nigga can’t loose
Y’all used my name so you can views
Y’all tried to put Dax in the news y’all lied next time put Dax with truth y’all wack can’t rap with Dax in the booth that’s fax try to match watch dax boutta do
And lyrically there’s no comparison this isnt arrogance this rap shit is in my blood nigga and my skeleton a specimen a Lab rapper made by an experiment imperative I end battles fueling my adrenaline
Y’all went and bit the hand that feeds you lost all yo inheritance no medicine my shit Is fatal poisonous and venomous.. I Eint no Samaritan, heart blacker then my fucking melanian I put you niggas on bought you light Thomas edison you niggas walking nigga I be pedaling my bars deadly fill you with this lead like you zeppelin crash dummies cut yo shit short like impediments I built my own land you can’t steal it like Americans

Don’t get it screwed up the fame I do not chase, yo careers in a crypt, you still the same place, making videos of Dax trynna do me like the feds cuz they
Bars low quality mine is hi Res
We not in the same league don’t even act like we are you will not beat Dax like a KSI spar not lyrically, spiritually, physically or biblically y’all Niggas made in China’s was made in fucking Italy I rap with an efficiency where every single word is placed careful and deliberately in harmony with symmetry, metaphors that metamorph whores and these similes that dumbledore catapault dwarves to infinity
I do this shit religiously
You youtube rappers can’t mimmick me
My speed and agility my smarts and consistency my heart and my energy
Standstill very watch me dunk on the industry
You are now the enemy
How the fuck You try to put an end to me
Dax nigga I’m my own entity
Y’all got fucked
Dax came and took all your virginities then leaked the video for publicity

Back at it, bad habit, my shit is illmatic
These bars are automatic don’t reply if you can’t match it
These youtube rappers really tried to act like I was average kill me in the public watch me bleed and think that I would vanish
Now I got you niggas in a bind
Now I got you niggas in LINE
Headshot every-time
Dislocate separate then reconfigure your whole spine for thinking you could ever dim or stop or hault my god damn shine

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