Paroles de la chanson My Very Best par D. Savage

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Paroles de la chanson My Very Best par D. Savage

[Tony Shhnow]
Damn near embarrassed herself, she found out the hard way I'm exactly how I rap in person
So I'm gon' cheat, but I put guns in all y'all purses
Don't that mean somethin'?
This life ain't certain, that don't mean it ain't worth it
My boys the type to mean mug and rob a nice person
Slide late for it and they end your night early
This life a beach, I got the whole crowd surfin' (Ayy, CGM, where you at?)
Don't make the wrong move 'cause my aim (Perfect)

[D Savage]
Gun on my hip, I'm a problem, boy
Hit a nigga block with them .223's, gotta walk down, hit your target, boy
Pipe down 'fore we spark it, boy
Ayy, let's go body for body, that's murder for murder
I got some smoke with niggas I ain't heard of
Ridin' with fetty, that bitch got me nervous

[Tony Shhnow]
If 12 hit the lights, then you better not pull over
I wish that I could, but right now I ain't goin'
Keep a bad bitch and a gun on my hip
So if bags on me, then my twin got a trip
Thirty clip, fifty round, hundred round
Say it's up, we take 'em down
I'm fuckin' your bitch when I listen to Drake
I won't leave the house without K's or a Drac'

[D Savage]
OVO, baby, I ride with that damn
OVO, baby, I ride with that Drac'
I'm rockin' Off-White, this not Bape
I bend the block and I'm makin' them skate
You want a Birkin, bitch, you gotta pay
Don't do what I do, just do what I say
I run the city, the king of LA
Smokin' Gelato that came from the Bay
I hit the lotto, I'm playin' with pape'
Get in that cell and I make me a shank

[Tony Shhnow]
I was dead broke, but I made somethin' happen
I'm back on my bully, we gon' take, no askin'
You know who to call when you come to Atlanta
The pack from the Bay, but my bitch from Miami
They lie on my name, but I'm still the one standin'
On paperwork, shawty booked up like a campus
You should watch out, I might hurt you
I know you on your job, but right now, it ain't workin'
She say you so credible
And you're strong, incredible
I'm a product servin' patients and right now I'm off that medical
She know I got several
And my old head right now still got money off a Nextel
I don't beef with social media work, just can't give intel
They gon' cap so shifty, we'll pull Glocks and make it Shiggy
I made bucks before I had powerplays, this pistol hold a fifty

[D Savage]
Walk down gang, this shit'll get risky (Walk down gang)
Walk in the club and they not gon' frisk me
Double-down gang, I'ma shoot 'til it's empty
I play with them pimps, she not gon' trick me
Pull up in a Bentley, be like
Pull up in a Bentley, be like Trippie
I told my mama, "I'm thuggin', it's in me"
In the trap house and I'm clutchin' my semi'
Flex on a broke bitch, can't get a penny
She wash the Percocet down with some Henny
Kick in your door, they gotta feel me
Ayy, got 'bows, hoes in all different states
I'm froze, my diamonds wet like a lake
I'm cold, she wanna go on some dates

[ D Savage]
(This is a certified hood classic) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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