Paroles de la chanson No Rest For the Wicked par Cypress Hill

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Paroles de la chanson No Rest For the Wicked par Cypress Hill

Bitch ass muthafucka
peter pie ass nigga, stand on your own two feet bitch
how the fuck you gon bite somebody elses dick
nigga, yours aint long enough to put in your mouth punk
watsup with that shit
Muggs, make it rough.

So many fools swingin' from my sack,
Let's talk about the one who had my back!
Down in the west coast, so lemme kick it
To the muthafucka who calls himself wicked!
No rest, no peace! No sleep,
Doughboy rolling down the hill 'cause it's so steep!
Jackson... lemme figure out the name,
Jack 'cause you be stealing other niggaz game!
But I'm the wrong nigga you wanna fuck with
On my dick so hard, now ya wanna suck it!
Go on the head, gobble up the nuts,
Get your lips ready & tear this motherfucker up!
Talk about Eazy, correct yourself.
Cube, better step back & check yourself!

yea nigga, my homie (?) he had a homie in you
he letchu listen to a muthafuckin cut
and u turned around and put some (?)
what kind of shit is that

Hmmm... let's talk about this
First solo album on the east coast dick!
The east coast niggaz all showed ya love,
Especially the one known as The King Sun!
He tried to warn us niggaz aboutcha
But nobody would listen, even began dissin'
Two albums later, you callin' my crew,
All because ya wannabe Cypress Cube!
Shoulda known you couldn't hang in the alley,
Good boy went to school out in the valley.
Fuck it, lemme make this understood,
Speakin' on mama's little Boy N Da Hood!
No Vaseline,
Just a rope & a chair & gasoline!
Lench Mob is a friend of mine,
But you talk about them niggaz from behind.
You know what the Hossack(sp) is, O'Shea?
A motherfucking pig that don't fly straight!
Where ya gonna run to? Where ya gonna hide?
Taadow! Look at who's waitin outside!

I got a can of kickass witcha muthafuckin name on it cube
you wanna come collect it or should i bring it to you
cuz all that bullshit your doin
aint nutin fly about that shit, muthafuckin thang
and i aint bullshittin, you need to back the fuck off
and dats real, kick rocks busta

Natural Born Bullshitta! Lemme hitcha
With a dose of reality when I get witcha!
Your homie (?)
Put a pipe on the cover, even though you don't smoke
Buddha! Let me take you down under on a plane
Where everybody was going insane!
Took a look at the Real one,
AFRO COMB! Next morning you didn't have yours on.
How many ways will you bite my shit?
Wouldja wet me or start throwing up a set?
Caution, when you enter the zone,
Never used to bang 'til you hear the microphone!
I got Cube melting in a Tray,
Pulling up his card & fucking up his good day!
Unoriginal rap veteran...
The nigga who say he don't steal from his friends!
Don't trust that nigga named O'Shea,
FUCK'IM, and send him on his way.

Cypress muthafuckin Hill
the hardest muthafuckin posse there is out here nigga
so how didju think u could step to this
yea nigga, the big bow wow bam cypress hill
timmy timmy tone foo, all thru yah muthafuckin do'
nigga u cant handle the hill, dah fuck was you thinkin about
you know u step to this, you gotta step to correct
and cypress aint havin that shit, yea nigga
we crackin fuckin necks, who gives a fuck, a mad fuck
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