Paroles de la chanson Last Last par Burna Boy

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Paroles de la chanson Last Last par Burna Boy

[Burna Boy & Meek Mill]
E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast (Last call for the queen)

[Meek Mill]
I need some bus and some shy hoes
Put her on tequila then she comin' off her high horse
She done went from classy to nasty, and I don't know
Knowin' that I'm famous, try go on dates, but, I don't go
Take her out to zero to hang out with the Billy Boys
Last nigga put her in a Rollie put a milli' on her
She cannot believe that I'm this famous and I'm really on it
??? driver came and had a bully on it
Fuck her from the back with that switch and put a fully on it
Hit her with that, "Brr"
Urus goin', "Brr"
She gon' fuck me good, don't tell nobody like she should
I can't drunk drive when I be in it raw 'cause I might, "Skrrt"
Baddest, they do what I want just on my word
Savage, spent fifty on Bottega shirts
Active, nigga, I ain't actin'
Why you think I'm out in Ghana actin like I never, ever had shit
She bouncin', hold up, she bounce it
I think I found it
Go deep in it, search around it, feel like I'm drownin'
They keepin' it, I'm around
She know that I'm in town
It's a secret (Shh)
Call me

[Burna Boy & Tafia]
E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast (Ayy)

I told her pack it up, we out in Tulum
Gave her some 'shrooms
Ten thousand in Hermès slides, brightened her mood (Uh)
Forty racks in emerald diamonds light up a room
And try to be a heartbreaker, but, it's gon' be a heartbreaker
I'm different with it
Play my positions, Scotty Pippin with it
She tryna get over me, that's why she let you hit it
Fuckin' dummy, I would've gave you ass my last, last
You tickled me thinkin' you finna get the last laugh
Yeah, I rode V12 like I race
I race to get a taste
Of a Devil pretty face, yeah
Try to break my confidence
I'm in another providence
I'm gettin' too much paper, it's gettin' obvious (Let's go)
Yeah, I spread my wings like a ostrich (Go)
Yeah, them pretty bitches start to moshpit
Yeah, I got two Glocks in my cockpit
I just upped the score, I just dropped six (Uh-huh)
Yeah, I got my heart intact (Yeah)
I can't get attached (Yeah)
You where the streets is at (For sure)
Yeah, uh, I know they glad I rap (Huh?)
I'm the hardest with that (Dope)
I'm the heart of the trap
It's Tafia

[Burna Boy]
E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast
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