Paroles de la chanson By Paris By Taxi By Accident par Bill Pritchard

Auteurs: Bill Pritchard

Compositeurs: Bill Pritchard,Deligny Thomas

Editeurs: Peermusic France

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Paroles de la chanson By Paris By Taxi By Accident par Bill Pritchard

It felt like a good day
There was lots to do and loads to say
There was an instant when someone quite friendly showed me the way
To a bright lit bar with black and white pictures of ail those great talented fixtures

By Paris by taxi by accident By Paris by taxi by accident

It seemed like a good night the cork floor bathed in candie light
Noisy cheap heaters
The tacky chrome pumps that reflected the greeters
Who opened their arms and opened their wallets
And out came a lot of confessional problems


By Paris
The stars in my eyes as the car disappears
By Paris
So my shock left the system
Preservation reappeared

I wanted a safe trip not Tootles the taxi

It got to 2AM and I felt dislodged
So I took some and without a care asked for an innocent ride
I was a passenger or so I thought I looked around at the furry dice and the Velcro mice
And the mood didn't make twice
So I opened up the door and let and let myself go
As the tar hit the suede it ail got scuffed Chorus (2) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)