Paroles de la chanson Tropic Sky par Biga Ranx

Auteurs: Gabriel Piotrowski, Felix Schager

Compositeurs: Gabriel Piotrowski, Paul Lafourcade

Editeurs: Wagram Publishing,X Ray Production

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Paroles de la chanson Tropic Sky par Biga Ranx

Tropic sky
Purple and shy fellin’lost in the tropic sky
Get me a room
Where the strelitzia
Bloom sweet bird of paradise
I see careless clouds
Floating above me
Lazy sun painting
The sky from blue to red

All a dem repression and our depression
We need fi survivin’tonight but we loosin’our smile
Dem crucifying our prophets but none a dem never
Could ruin’ no I

Yo telly wi tellin’ them weh man a from weh di people never seen tropic Sky
So most a mi friends dem a stuck pon the block fi the hustle wi deh pon the Chronic high
I-Man a try fi raise mi pickney teach em by this ya Lullaby
Cuz people are evil even now inna summer wolves a cry and the moon nuh shine
Deh pon the holiday inna the sun party pon a Resort while the people weh livin’ deh out in the street dem a ball fi di revolution and dem gonna die
From man a young and the governor small inna times when i been a juvenile
I a stand up and fight iniquity mek uno stay far a terror and suicide
Cyaan see the sun tell em too much cloudtrap
Governor merkin anybody even already deh pon the soundcheck
House haunted mi surrounded by cops
So the soundtrack a mi life: it a the "FREEZE" a cops
Mi standin out, from man a move mi a bigger than anything weh money and hype coulda sortin out
Dat a the song weh i´m talkin bout
Follow the governor general Ruffian Rugged and telly brigante
All the leaves are brown and the sky´s are grey so wi dreamin’ inna shantytown

Tropic sky
No need to cry
You’re turning to grey
Colors are fading away
Rain wash my sins
And now a new day begin
And morning sun painting
The sky from grey to blue dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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