Paroles de la chanson BTB par Balming Tiger

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Paroles de la chanson BTB par Balming Tiger

All my fits, they lookin' obscure
Pace I'm livin', it's very absurd
Broken bones, I'm hittin' the curb
I got gas in my dashboard, I'm smokin' it up
Huh, uncomfortable rush
I'm up and beyond
I got love in the chamber
Got stuck in a bond
Paints, bums, fake
How the yall makin' up your own hell no?
The system, I hate the masquerade
One violation into a major fade
Got a problem, u get maced
Post a picture, here's a raid!
Paints, bums, fake
Maison Margiela
Plain white tee
Yes logo boys
You finna pay a fee
When I pull up
Can't get enough of these
Asian skin glowin'

Can't count on days
When I state the plain
Can't count on days
Try to fix my pain
Came a long way
I would walk again
If I could do it all over
Always be the same

Yeah, ridin'
이제 첫발이지만 애들은 frightened
충동적으로 밟지, 난 매 순간이 black Friday
전부 다 fake, 식욕이 감퇴, 적들이 right there
뺏어 상패, 내게 말해, what the fuck is my name
Pull up my pants, I'm ready for battle
I'll shoot an arrow
날 빗나가 버려 모두, 네가 쏜 고무줄 terror
I'm Venom who had a mask on
I never make human error
난 체념 못 하지, 고작 네 악플 몇 개로
넌 질투가 참 많아
어떡해, are you tryna fight?
내가 살아 숨 쉬는 까닭
성취감은 taste like butter
Let me see
내 미랜 clear, I can guarantee
숨은 익명의 gangster
네 자랑스러운 직업
The way I believe myself
노인이 되더라도 키 커
치렁치렁, cheaper than my soul
I got new vision
영혼이 없지, 밀랍 인형
흥분시켜, I want thriller
세계를 보는 창, 내 가사엔 영혼이 비쳐

Free from the lies, free from the pains
And the darkness
Free to live, free to love, and
Free to be me
Free to be me
Free to be me
Free to be me
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