Paroles de la chanson Sadder Than Blue par Babyface

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Paroles de la chanson Sadder Than Blue par Babyface

written by "Bassy" Bob Brockmann, Babyface, Jeffrey Burrell (1996)
performed by Az Yet

My heart has been broken cause of you
One always must leave, that's nothing new
I thought that you'd really like to try to stay
Stay together, let's try again

It's been 17 months on my own
The nights are so quiet all alone
I long to feel you in my arms again
Girl, won't you please come back home

Spendin' my nights all alone
Really, really wish you'd come home

Savin' my heartbreak for you
Makes me blue, sadder than blue

Days walk past me like years
I struggle to swallow my tears
It's been a long time since I held you near
I still remember the scent of you dear

29 hours in my day
Feel like hell every day
Hopin' I get through to you
'Cause I sure miss you
Come back, come back to me


I never wanted to swallow my pride
I tried to play it cool, so cool

Girl, if we only could go back in time
I wouldn't hold back a damn thing from you

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