Paroles de la chanson BWU (Had To) par Axelle Red

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Paroles de la chanson BWU (Had To) par Axelle Red

BWU (Had To)
I see you cross the street almost every day
Freaked out 'n scared you'd look my wau
All she ever wants is to bwu
Would she if she knew you once made me bwu

Back then I was so young, did not have a clue
What animal war can turn you into
Life's given you a second chance
You look mine away to ever know romance
The day I had to

(I had to) bwu
(I had to) bwu

Ya number one concern's she could find out
Can't scream it out loud so go ahead, mighty and proud
Are you good to her cause I know what it feels like
When you do the things a girl for sure dislikes

When you don't want to
But have to
Oh I had to

You're the first thing on my mind
Then also the worst and the last
You know where I'm to find
Know where I'm to find
When she ain't around
Or when there comes the time
She will not always want to bwu

But has to, cause once you decided to
your ears are deaf
Ain't much she can do

Other then bwu
Ih, she'll have to
Whether she wants to
Cause you'll make her

Over and over
Like I had to bwu
'N u 'n u 'n u
Now her life ruined too

This constant fear to have you near
Considered as your property
And if it's true there wasn't any before
I swore lyin' there on the floor
That if I ever had to be with any one else after u 'n u 'n u
That some one would have to be me dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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