Paroles de la chanson HEAD TRIP par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson HEAD TRIP par Awake

It seems my mind drifts too far sometimes
And so do my eyes, when you're walkin by

I couldn't trust your goddess lust
When we touch It tests my luck

But i get lost in scents of that lucky you kind

I prefer the smell of the summer
Or fresh weed smoke
Hotbox under the covers

Just two little lovers
Like romeo and juliet
She was thinking of the future

He was such a buddha head

Losin it really almost quit
Ended up writing rhymes and shit

Trippin psilocybin
Always findin
Theres no truth within
The passing ends
Ecstatic trends
And all these ending friendships

I really don't get it, all this shit is just a head trip

[hook x2: awake]
All this shit is just a head trip

Homie slow down
Don't even think about the messages

I think it's time to let go
Or somehow just forget it

Just focus on your vision
Cuz I know what you're missin

[outro poem: awake]
So like goodnight my cutie
I love you, have sweet dreams
I know you'll prolly never hear this but

That day you told me forever

I said I wouldn't mind

And all those hidden note conversions we would have

Has disappeared in time
But the poetic lines
I claimed to write your eyes were closely designed by heavenly kinds

Was never a lie

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