Paroles de la chanson Juveniles par Audio Push

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Paroles de la chanson Juveniles par Audio Push

LA Leakers Boy
HS-87 we the plug nigga

First off don’t rub me if you don’t know,cause I can read through you niggas, Adobe
Im getting big faces, Ginobli, you getting little faces Emojis
23 already feeling like an OG
Reminisce when I used to be on my scooters with my homies
Strapped up Tony buy a snickers and a Sobe from the liquor store
Its West Coast screaming Kobe

Set it off for me then

Reppin Maryland to the fullest push us but never pull us
Living driven appreciate what I’m giving yeah stillers
From the east to the west, we connect and never the less
Stay blessed, get it done, do your best now
Open my composition, to kill the rendition never switching positions
The mission is murder my competition, the second they listen dismiss em
I wrap their body up and send em to a buddy that miss em
I mean that lyrically, see I’ve been at it since a youngin’
While they was runnin’ and gunnin’ getting done
And we was livin’ on food stamps
Government frontin’ tryna survive on a 9 to 5
We ready to dive in the deep end while they creeping on the real
God damn can you feel us?
Man these haters wanna kill us but we still us
Probably wonder where I’ve been at, Ive been laying low
Touring the country with Kid Cudi at every show
In the meanwhile working on the album
Visions of vivid images that become the outcome
Y’all so focused on the record sales
That you don’t even remember what this music entails
I mean thats all good if you want to appeal to a certain demographic
But never forget where you come from
Getting swept away in the sea of music trying to make it current
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