Paroles de la chanson Black Child (Skit) par Ashanti

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Paroles de la chanson Black Child (Skit) par Ashanti

[Chink Santana]
We interrupt this program of the beautiful world of Ashanti
Chapter 2
To bring you to the streets
According to Black Child...

[Black Child]
Yo, yo, yo
Let's get it together, United Ghettos of America
Gangstas across the world, them ???, scared of us
When Black's in the area, there's more than six hundred
And quarters to eighths with pretty women get fucked
It's a few fourths and fifths 'cause it's strength in numbers
It's a hundred and eighty-seven degrees this summer
We the meanest, leanest spitting hot sixteen's
Pushing the rock up top, you can't stop my cream
It starts in the heart, I'm in the heart of Queens
Hollering "Murder Inc!", doing their thing reguardless
One (nigga), two (nigga), a gangsta's anthem
A Park City hustler, young, black, and handsome
Black Child always keep his hands on his...
Millions on my mind with grass for my grandson
Understand him, he always keep the cannon
You get ??? and held for (ransom)
Yeah, y'all know it, y'all, it's Murder
Yeah, the streets know it, y'all, it's Murder
The world knows it, y'all, it's Murder
It's Murder

[ Black Child]
Yeah, word to God, it's Murder for life, you heard?
It's Black Child, Soulja's Story coming right after this
Now, I.G., let's proceed to break them off with some of that princess gangstaness
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