Paroles de la chanson Interphase // Meiosis par Allegaeon

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Paroles de la chanson Interphase // Meiosis par Allegaeon

The nucleolus disappears
Mitotic spindle forms
Sisters joined by duplicated centromere
Stretching centrioles
Pushing to the center
Grasping for pairs of chromosomes

Digging in their claws
Spindle fibers pull
Genetic material apart
Separation of cells
Cytoplasm splits
Before the process begins again

Crossing over meets an end
Homologous pairs exist in absence
Single columns form
Cell separation exiling the once coupled
Reach to the center once again
Separation on a smaller scale
Dividing chromatids
Another nucleus forms
Splitting into four
Before new cells are born

Cellular growth, fulfilling function
Interphase (Interphase)
Replication of genetic information

This life defined
By change and development
Deep inside

Division and duplication of cells
A constant occurrence within this shell

Necessary for reproduction
Variety created, fulfilling function
Necessary for reproduction
Totality completed

[Solo 1: Greg Burgess]
[Solo 2: Michael Stancel]
[Solo 3: Brandon Michael]
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