Paroles de la chanson Prince Ali (Reprise) par Aladdin

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Paroles de la chanson Prince Ali (Reprise) par Aladdin

Oh Princess! There's someone that I'm dying to introduce you to

Jafar, get your hands off her!

Prince Ali, yes, it is he
But not as you know him!
Read my lips and come to grips
With reality

Yes, meet a blast from your past
Whose lies were too good to last
Say "hello" to your precious Prince Ali!

Or should we say, "Aladdin"?


Jasmine, I— I tried to tell you! I'm just—

So Ali turns out to be
Merely Aladdin
Just a con, need I go on?
Take it from me

His personality flaws
Give me adequate cause
To send him packing on a one-way trip
So his prospects take a terminal dip
His assets frozen, the venue chosen
Is the ends of the earth, whoopee!
So long!

Goodbye, see ya!

Ex-Prince Ali!
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