Paroles de la chanson Uka Ukalilele? par Yvonne Mwale

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Paroles de la chanson Uka Ukalilele? par Yvonne Mwale

Women of today, they make me laugh
They like to get rich 
But are still sleeping in their beds, being lazy.
Wake up! Are you still sleeping? 
Go and eat some corn!

They want that all the time they should be treated special
To make them feel so important and protected
But when it comes to working hard, they fail
They just want to have a sweet life without working for it
Demanding for pricey gifts from rich men

Instead of working for their success
They they just open their legs wide to married men
Am begging please! 
Humble yourselves and confess your sins
So that Jesus can forgive you!

Wake up! Are you still sleeping? 
Go and eat some corn!

Sister, remove your laziness you'll stop getting some years! 
We're not shouting at you – listen to what I'm telling you! 
I want you to listen to this verse! 
Success doesn't come like a miracle
You have to work for it

If you want to get somewhere in life 
Work hard and open up your own doors
For you to get on the top it means
You have to hustle hard so that you can enjoy everything
Time doesn't wait for laziness

Have plans everywhere you go, push and open the doors
Don't die enjoying the hard work somebody else worked for
Put this song on repeat because the 
King has jumped on it with Yvonne!

Some friends I'm found with love to live a luxury life
They love to enjoy and always want you to spend on them
They love to party and show you their fake smiles
But behind your back they they're hating on you

That's stupid, witch! 
They think I'm stupid as well and wouldn't notice
I'm not gonna fall for your behaviors
I refuse that, witch! 
They came into my life with white teeth
Like a piece of paper, white like snow
They thought I would fall

Wake up! Are you still sleeping?
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