Paroles de la chanson Longway par YNW Melly

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Paroles de la chanson Longway par YNW Melly

Came a Longway
We really came a longway
Came a longway
Came a longway

(YNW Melly)
Came a longway from the trenches
Bang my longway from the trenches
Blue hundreds we splashin' blue benjis
My neck and my wrist is Givenchy

(YNW JGreen)
Them hoes wanna suck on my jimmies
Lil fuck nigga know we not friendly (friendly)
My neck and my wrist is so pissy
Glock wit the dick get to pissin'

(YNW Melly)
Glock wit the dick to pissin'
Boy you a snake, you be hissin'
Most of these fuck niggas snitches (snitches)
Grew up in Southern Hills
I put a charm on these bitches
She like the way that a nigga talk
She like the way that a nigga walk
Florida boy, yeah i'm drippin sauce'

(YNW JGreen)
Trapped in the rain for this shit
Remixed a lot of things for this shit
My OG he got chained for this shit
So you could get banged for this shit
Just a young nigga out the gutter (yea)
Derek Rose taught me how to hustle

RIP to my momma
Gotta look out for my lil brother
Lil nigga i got you forever
If a fuck nigga try you, he get wet up
And I put that shit there, on VeeVee
That I'll have a fuck nigga checked up
Been riding with this thing for a hunnid nights
Can't let a pussy nigga take my life
Can't let a pussy nigga take my sight
I'll up at chu , you better get right
You know it's soldier life forever
Ain't a rat but I'm all about my cheddar
Bitch you convenient you ain't, you ain't special
I can always find better
So many sleepless nights in the biddy
Remember these hoes wasn't fuckin with me
Now they snap me pussy, ass and titties
Heard that boy hollering bout he gon' kill me

Oh boy you speaking my language
I see you don't be on that lame shit
You a smacker you keep you a banger
Don't be on that switching up lanes shit
I keep the fuck niggas out the mist
Pull up with the stick let it hit
Wish that lil bitch let me hit
Eat up the dick, swallow the kids

(YNW Melly Chorus)
Hustling struggling, grinding, gotta get it
All my niggas want it
Paper chasing, grinding, gotta rob and take for everything that we get

(YNW Melly)
Bitch I'm from the fucking G
All of these diamonds on me

She wanna fuck wit lil Melly babe
She like the gold on my teeth
Her pussy sweet like a peach
Splash that lil bitch with the beach
We do not fuck with them pussy niggas, they could never get this shit for free

Aye aye , speed up your wrist
Break that bitch down, i'm talking bout the bricks
You know I don't wanna breast she tried to suck my dick
Heard that bitch gon buss it open all in public
Oh shoot that lil bitch even if we in Walmart or publix
I do not fuck with them chickens
Them niggas snitch when they hit them licks

We do not fuck with them niggas, we gotta serve em the counterfeit
We gotta serve em the burna, you ain't down to hit dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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