Paroles de la chanson Just the Intro par Yelawolf & Caskey

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Paroles de la chanson Just the Intro par Yelawolf & Caskey

Bitch, it's in that dump, bitch, it's in that dump
Piled up, gotta keep that bandana tied up
Whip a dirty lambo out that parkin' lot
Graffiti on the seat because she bleeding, I don't give a fuck, I'm greedy
I don't give you truth not worth believing
Chop the top off of that whip 'cause I don't give a roof a ceiling
Bottles of that brew until it's suds
Throw that bitch into the crowd, watch the socket come unplugged
(Throw hands) Throw hands in the pit
Baby boy is on his shit, tall cans and the fifth, yeah
Forty ounce and the fifth, that's an algorithm
Forty now and gettin' rich, baby, how you feelin'?
Told you I'd be Willie Nelson of this rappin' shit
Forget my verses and won't play none of my classic hits
You shoulda been there when I cared about what people thought
I've been dope and it don't matter how much weight they bought
Talk, Yelawolf is iconic
Blacksheep, white boys, it ain't nothin' but ironic
Ironic, I brought it, I rock it
Caught the wave like I was silver surfin' Milky Way's comets
Milky Way with the silky wave droppin', that's
Slick Ricky Bobby on the song and that's
Quick, bitch, go get ya boy some prophylac'
'tics, 'cause I'm only fuckin' beats raw

They were sippin' on it, thought that it was cognac
Make a pussy nervous 'bout his life, he hypochondriac
Man, I came a long way from ounces out the laundromat
Serve a zombie somethin', make him wonder where his mommy at
Launderin' the money 'cause it's written in the stars, that my zodiac
All that bluffin' y'all was doin', gotta show me that
Yelawolf, young Cas, in the trap house
Drawin' so much out the plugs, reasons why there's blackouts
Put the black strap inside of the Chevy box
My homie hid a kilo out the Betty Crock'
Bettin' on myself 'cause they contemplatin' tryin' me, they better not
I'm tryin' out this iron, leave 'em heavy shots
I send 'em to Heaven's gates, I'm a fuckin' opportunist
I go optimize the units and I dramatize the eulog'
Bullets penetrate, by my eyes they know I'm zooted
All my diamonds undiluted, all your wives could get recruited
I regenerate, every time I win I call it back to basics
Ayy, wonderin' where you should go to sleep
Far away from me 'cause that's where it's the safest
If you cross me once, I ain't tryna preach, I reach for the hammer
There's so many straps in here they thought it was east Atlanta
Shots came out anonymous, it's no secret Santa
'cause you know who it is, I gotta teach y'all some manners

[Yelawolf & Caskey]
Teach y'all some manners, learn your manners, yes sir
And leave that bullshit on the curb, word
Pullin' up outta that Chevy
With every one of my people on go
A million up by the weekend
And both of my bosses on payroll
Flyin' out the parkin' lot
With the bus full of partyin' baddies and hoes
Went to sleep on 'em like I was a lion
'cause tomorrow's another show, ayy
Both are beside of me and the fire
How I get it, I'll never know
I show my bro
How to go take him a ounce and then shake it and turn it to gold
Over the stove
All of this water I've touched, it's like it was a waterin' hole
I gotta slaughter the goat
Tell him that it never came and charge him for mo'
Yeah, weekend, where the weekend
Gonna peek in peepholes for the peepshow
Boy, we go creepin' for the reason
No crease in the jeans, no, only holes
Rockstar, we're the rockstar
Wanna pop bras off and throw that bra like a backdrop
In the back of the Caprice
With her two feet up like field goals, every show
Ayy, my gun be geekin'
And the deacon could get hit too and the piece reload
And I got a petri dish full of ET shit
We lit, I can see the globe
Blowin' like C4
But the mushroom cloud full of weed smoke
I'm bustin' down feelings of ego
I'm touchin' the crowd, I'm up over the top lookin' for C-notes
Catfish Billy, bitch, and I'm on top like really, bitch
Comin' up from the gutter my benefit
Get popped like a dog for a livin'
Put a rock in a stack like a pyramid
Put a map on the dash
I'm high as an aircraft and I'm public danger
Put the plane on the hanger
The boys are back for the pack and they got a banger
No hands but I'm armed and dangerous
No plan but I always manage
How the fuck they made someone like me famous?
Kickin' ass that I'm never gon' see, anus
Ain't it, funny, how I'm on top, limitless?
And against the odds like immigrants
All they ever tried do was limit this
But I see the potential
And I pushed work out a residential
And I went crashed the rental
But I ain't pay for the coverage or incidentals
But it's all good
Millions accumulated off of only the pen and pencil
You goin' broke at the same time I'm gettin' rich
I guess it was coincidental
Pick a pepper, pick a record, pick a second
Pick up a paper and pick it apart
Quote it up, quote it up, beat it up, throw it up
Throw it up 'til you are sick of this art
Sick of this artist, kick the table, the bar's flipped
No bar skipped, the bar's up, the target? Of course us
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