Paroles de la chanson How da Beat Goes par Will Smith

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Paroles de la chanson How da Beat Goes par Will Smith

Chorus:If it's all night,then it's all right,no sunlight
This is how the beat goes on
Big Will,Tra-Knox,so high
This is how the beat goes on
hopin,rockin,not stopin
This is how the beat goes on
Big Will,Tra-Knox,so high
This is how the beat goes on

Verse 1-Will Smith: It's the
Back in Philly with a couple of friends,thought my reign
in,while im
rubbin it in,i'm back yes yes yallin
back again ballin,out for a couple of years thought i had
you seen me with Denzel and Russ Crowe,but yo the movies is
just a chick on the
side, im in love with the flow
time off to be an oscar nominee now,back to the M.I.C. the
M.C. now
rockin the old heads,blasin the youth,only rappa had the
President rasin the
roof,check the tape,checkmate
it's one mission,make your move don't fight submission
to dawn from dust we on and trust,just don't miss the bus to
jam on wit us
come on


Verse 2-Will Smith:This is how the beat goes on and on and
me and tra-knox keep keep it on and jokers aint stopin til

Tra-Knox-Every everybody come fill this this union this
created from the
soul, aw yeah,it's Big Will(big will-and who else) and
keepin it real,
taren up your gloves,we got what ya want, so you can't out
everybody get on the floor

Big Will- yo we aint stopin til the mornin, me and tra-knox
keepin it on


verse 3- Will Smith: A hip-hop superhero a winno taper a
hit the studio
every year or so and escape wit the loot
and on my down time straight to the links i can pack a dance
floor or movie
theater,a truck from brinks, on christmas, mom and wife
wit ice hey yo
AOL search will smith thousands of sights, then at the club
clappin, toes
tappin, "sucka im the greatest thing that ever happened to
rappin", best shape
of my life, destined to show ya, no scraps or
fenda-benda's,leave the game
total,free dont move hip-hop moble, philly aint have A.I.,
I be the
guy to go to,
the guy to go to,you know the go to guy that take um a
to make the whole
crew live,damn,will done did it again, he done stepped up
to the
plate and he
done hit it again yo get them hands up

Bridge-Tra-Knox:Throw your hands up,wave them like you don't
if you like the sound then let me hear you say

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