Paroles de la chanson Golden Salvation par Wale

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Paroles de la chanson Golden Salvation par Wale

And thanks to the Father, holy water

Jesus piece
Don’t nobody want no Jesus piece?
No, uh

G be the shine, I don’t help or it’s nothing
Why these rapping dudes would make amongst crew?
No it’s a must, carry them VVS’s
When they gon play in person and I heard each other’s gon try a test shot
No A bomb on you
I can keep coming just need a room
Niggas show no respect here
The good book say your prayers
But Jesus stuck in your ways, you got my image aprayed ah
While you sittin I’m waitin
Fornicatin with women, I sat right there on your table
Nobody here at the breaks, go I’m keepin you graceful
Brothers as warranty though I’m crashing in faithful
Fast for me no, blast for me though
Grab to it’s on racks hah, to match up with me froze
Uh, how can the diamonds you can see my wisdom
I seen a reverend go far with me as he read his scripture
This is bible, we hit the people with malice intentions
You sudden get between the aki with crucifix tended
With a G one attached on a sacrilege scene
I’ll die for you hard, now niggas die over me

Jesus piece
Jesus piece
Jesus piece
Don’t nobody want no Jesus piece?

Be on diamonds and later New York avenue
If nobody stores have me somebody would know abvout me
All over paparazzi, shout out to Mud County
See their commercial lively and sure they need more rappers
New chain swag, get your true lane fast
Or lay it down if not, a ticket next to that
And the bible told you wait on my arrival
With patience with yo problems, taking J up to confinement
Our religion is style, if not then why does she compare with me?
Known for daisies and Jacob tell you that is real
Hallelujah, the things you do to be in manure
You never gave me your shows but you keep me on tour
Sunday services, pastors is the wealthiest, we’re working it
Preaching Armageddon while collection played them circling the room
Feels but it too
And devil’s on commercial, play the purposes and crew
And the worth is in the pucket when they blesses do improve
And it stall me on the cross, just stall me for the who’s
And the eye’s foolish,
What am I? Who are yall?
I’ve come down from the sky ‘cause niggas keep prayin to shine, look

For the price of fame
What would you do to have them say your name?

See I promised I wouldn’t cop another chain
But the all I spend on these VVS’s got me in that complex page, you see?
For the price of fame
When that Bugatti dropped my accountant stopped me for a second and said not today not today
For the price of fame
For the price of fame
What would you do to have them say your name?
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