Paroles de la chanson Either Hated Or Ignored par $uicideboy$

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Paroles de la chanson Either Hated Or Ignored par $uicideboy$

Yah, yah, $carecrow, Ruby stay runnin'
$carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $care-, Norfside, Shit, where the fuck that been
R.I.P, $lick $loth

Playa hataz surround me
Like vultures on a dead body
Get the fuck from 'round me
Ain't tryna be ya' fuckin' friend
White boy with the nappy hair
Bought the platinums, nah not double-O bruh
Bunch of all you thirsty
30 somethin' motherfuckin bald head headass
Boy get off this playa's nuts

Test your luck, might catch slugs
This that middle finger up
Shit, fuck a bitch
And fuck you too for thinkin' we would not make it
Tell me really
How does it feel?
If you were in the field believin' the vision that we livin
Fuck the fluxes no competition
We got the leverage
Fuck you pussies stocked with weapons
47's 45's Tec's
Poles on this cut throat boy
There's more than one reason that I'm a

R.I.P boy

Ain't broke
I gotta a lotta fuckin' bread
Now I've seen the globe
Puff another load
Sitting in another lead pipe
Cause my pockets got a lot of fucking holes leaving trails of the crumbs
So them fuckboys will follow, yeah
Fill up that hollow stomach with my sorrow
Tomorrow ain't promised a tough pill to swallow
But roxycodone ain't a tough pill to snort
It's a tough pill to kick
Always fall short
Standin' tall with my vice, fuck y'all for the sport
The money, the bitches, the fame feelin' like a whore
Now I'm smokin' more ports and I'm closer to death

Then I was when I was poor
Cooking pizzas in the kitchen passin' out on the couch
I'll die from being bored
He'll die from bein' bored
Sing a sad ass song with just four chords, oh lord
Sing a sad ass song, another death in the 7th Ward, oh lord
Sing a sad ass song for Yung Snow, putting in hours at the morgue
Sing a sad ass song for another tally on the sword blizzard storm when I fucking mourn dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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