Paroles de la chanson Back from the Dead par $uicideboy$

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Paroles de la chanson Back from the Dead par $uicideboy$

[$witchblade $crim]
I got dreams of blowing my brains out
While fucking some bitches in the mouth
Keep these hoes wet with a jaw full of clout
Young white demon from the south
Drinking lean, never liquor
Two-phone shawty, dial up the digits
Anarchy's the mission
Said fuck a religion
Can I get a witness? Uh
Syrup in my Icee, having threesomes at the movies
That's the beauty of the groupies
Just gone and ask Lil' Uzi
$uicide, unifies all the scrutinized
So please either crucify or euthanize
My super size fantasy to cease my life

[Lil' Uzi the Antichrist]
Never sold crack but I smoked it
Think you the cream of the crop
Imma bring out the locusts..
Hold up lemme focus
Bitch, I'm sipping brain punch
Drain my lunch's veins
Blood stains in my fangs, punk
Rock, paper scissors
Shoot goo in your dame
Walk with a limp
Notre Dame Hunch
Back to the bat cave and pack a wrap fat
Blaze up plankton
I'm fried like Frankenstein
Can't think right
Put a gun to my head with a blank in mind

Take my time away from life
I fucking hate my gears and cranks
They grind all day and night
I might delay my decay if I gave a flying fuck
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