Paroles de la chanson Dreams par Tonha

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Paroles de la chanson Dreams par Tonha

Wake up every morning with the same fucking dream
Gotta get this money that's what a real nigga need
Bad student shit
3 years missing
21 years on me, I wanna be rich like Meely
Dollars after dollars i'm gonna reach that million
You think about a million I wanna reach a billion

After doing a billion I wanna do a trillion
All these Bad bitches use to call me the Minion

Now I'm finally free
No haters on me
No parents on me

All I do is lit

Yes I'm on my shit
Muddy muddy shit
Workin with my team
Sippin on the lean

Goons in my back I'm the don, got a choppa
Never write a cheque I say fuck to the commas
5 years, me and my niggas on a rich list
Foreign cars and chains still on my wishlist

Pop champagne in the club
Ice only
Wanna fuck a bitch
But she told me that she love me
Never show love to these bitches just fuck em
These haters gimme inspiration that's why I love em

Broke niggas hate me
Rich niggas love me
Bad bitches love me
Bad bitches want me

Call my bitch from Paris
For a menage a trois
My ex want my dick
My other bitch want a car

Got my lil bro
My lil sis
They hope that I'll do it

I pray to god
Every week
And Lord knows

That I want it

I probably don't deserve it
I'm a fucking sinner
That's a true shit

I hear theses niggas talkin
But I don't really giva shit

That's why I hustle fucking hard
I gotta hustling fucking hard
I gotta do it for real cause I don't wanna work in the parking lot

I Do it for my niggas
I do it for myself
I do it for my mother,father,brothers
No one else


Wait a minute motherfuckers
Shoutout to my fellas
A lot of niggas hating, is probably cause I'm the realest
My niggas getting richer
Bitches taking pictures
You gotta come with 3 O's for the fucking feature

Pass me the liquor
Suck me Malika
Bitchies screaming " Pika "
Sucking my dick

No more bitches, I'll be fucking with a model
I got my cigarillos and a big black bottle

Bitches on my dick, just fuck. No Mercy
After fuck her I got my bitch saying " Merci "
Lemme show to all theses niggas that i always been the best
Lemme show that I'm the king of this mothafucking chess dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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