Paroles de la chanson Business Casual par Tomahawk

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Paroles de la chanson Business Casual par Tomahawk

Someone call Someone
Someone call someone

This city she's purring like a cat
And she's in my lap
Ancient pornography
Has come back
With tomorrow comes a day
They meet in three
In the voodoo dome of empty calories
White Claw delivery
To the wet brain
And our elevated heart rates

Bad cholesterol business casual
Bad cholesterol business casual
Extra virgin splattering natural
See you sucker sues fall business casual
Bad cholesterol business casual

Let your gut sag to the love shack
The fat back like a fucking maniac
And it all falls down into the cracks
Just do the math
Whiskey dick
With a homey vasectomy
Chopped just goose stepping
Sailor man with the mafia clan
Have prostitute at three
Cat eyes are living in trees
Low carbs and Gluten free

Bad cholesterol
We're dressing business casual
We suck the fat of man son
Milked up by ghost wall street punks

Bad cholesterol
Business casual
Bad cholesterol
Business casual

Top wetty o' fitness late night ripeness
Ab well equip-ness Get young
With psycho-sexual shit-ness
The looser but winning
When they loose his or her thickness
Magic policy Protecting me from me (me from me)

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