Paroles de la chanson Return Of The Dragon par Tobi Lou

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Paroles de la chanson Return Of The Dragon par Tobi Lou

Yo, yo, yo, you're listening to Tobi Lou
(Tobi Lou)
(Brand new)
Be careful what you wish for, Tobi

Damn, got it
I’m too hype in the Benz
2014 no rims
These Wagons I got is a 10
Bam, bop it, I'm back drivin' again
State licence and, passport just came in
France, Scotland, I ain’t never been
I've been stuck in USA, I'm an alien (Ooh)
Came here, immigrant, now I'm, citizen (Ayy)
Someone, fucked up, now I'm president (Yeah)
Say she, love me, on the, molly (Molly)
Don't believe her, then she forget me ('Got me)
Had me feelin' melancholy (’Choly)
Follow me like, Champagne Papi (Word)
Like my own, ice like, Sidney Crosby (Ooh)
I’ve been, workin', on my, body (Body)
We had, sushi, no wasabi (’Sabi)
Rolled a zoobie, then I beat it up like Zazi (Yeah)

I fell in love with the new G Wagon
Run through your hood with the Gucci blastin'
(Seen a butterfly turn into a dragon)
(Seen a butterfly turn into-)
Stars on my face like Lingo
Killer can't, pink flamingo (Woo)
248 like Reno
24-, 24-, 24-
It was no-, it was no-, it was no-, it was-
It was no accident I let her go
I got my dragon and you don't want smoke
Hopped in that Wagon I’m back on the road
Taking my pics on that camera phone
I'm in a hurry and get it to go
Back on my shit like Benny the Bull
Runnin' the country ahead of the polls
You can't say nothin' 'cause you didn't vote
You don't do nothin' man, you only pose
You only like, maybe retweet
You do not take, the fight to the streets
We had a rally and you were a ghost
My family feel like The Incredibles
I cannot do no more editables
It got me over here actin' a fool
Chains on my neck like I pity the fool dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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