Paroles de la chanson Vacancy par The Coral

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Paroles de la chanson Vacancy par The Coral

I walk alone
Laughing in the face of love
I'm raking the bones
In a world that's turned to dust

Now there's nobody there
In the place where I sleep
Ahhhhhh vacancy
Ahhhhhh vacancy

Stitching the stars
Pulling at every seam
I feel like a fly
Before it hits the window screen

Now I can't hear the sound
Of these words that I speak
Ahhhhhh vacancy
Ahhhhhh vacancy

Who's that I see?
Standing at the roadside
Is it just a fool?
Or is it me?

Safe in the storm
I glide through the alleyways
It's bittersweet
Like a glass half full with rain

Now I walk home again
I'm alone but I'm free
Ahhhhhh vacancy
Ahhhhhh vacancy

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