Paroles de la chanson 2:31 AM Freestyle par Splurge

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Paroles de la chanson 2:31 AM Freestyle par Splurge

Tuck your chain when you come around us
I'm not getting booted, I just popped a downer
She a bustdown, Instagram where I found her
I was getting paid, bands on the counter
Remember them days, mama taught me my manners
We in the kitchen whippin' soup like Campbells
Can't come to our city, your show getting cancelled
In Parks Mall, these bitches notice me
They tryna take pictures, I'm tryna beat it
Can't listen to shit, I throw out your CD
Who ever thought I'd be on TV?
Who ever thought I'd be on WorldStar?
Fuck the rap shit, we still servin' four bars
He paid for a twelve, I just give him four bars
Higher than a bitch, shoot a video on Mars

I got a sack like Santa Claus
You can't say shit with my dick in your jaw
Shoot up the car, make it stop like pause
Stop tryna act tough, you grew some balls
Your ass came in, they do not like it
I knew I would make it, I think I'm a physic
I play a bitch, I'm P like pirate
Off molly, she geekin' like Miley Cyrus
I do not eat McDonalds no more
Might post on the east, might go to Park Road
You diss, you die, you reap what you sow
We see green, that mean go
We got them bands, we make niggas go
Long story short, niggas turn to a ghost
Think 'fore you act, don't die for a post
We chop niggas up, we make 'em look gross
I had to go get some rank
My racks in a shoebox, don't fuck with the bank

Oh that's all you got? oh that's what we take
Like he was cold, we make niggas shake
You a bitch, we'll give you a wedgie
I'm in the hood store buyin' Lil Debbie
You funny like Eddie
I got the Glock so you better be ready (glocky)
I'm gaining weight, pouring too much meddy
I pour up the muddy
Come to the airport, take all your luggage
I love flexin' shit 'cause I came from nothin'
He thought it was Hi-Tech but it was 'Tussin
Did hairless shit, I ain't worried 'bout karma
You smokin' corn like your daddy a farmer
He ain't went to jail, your daddy informant
Don't shoot in the air, we don't give warning
Play with that gang, that's a fatal attraction
Boy you gon' die, you keep doin' that cappin'
I be juggin' more than rappin'

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