Paroles de la chanson Magnolia Clap par Soulja Boy Tell Em

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Paroles de la chanson Magnolia Clap par Soulja Boy Tell Em

Draco, 2019, (Yeah!)
Yeah, Soulja (Naw for real nigga)
Fuck Nigga!
Whole lotta shit
Huh, yeah, okay

Gang shit no lame shit
Squad shit, no fraud shit
Pull on your block with the draco you know that I pop that
Brand new lamborghini on the top I drop that
Pussy ass nigga, you know that you wack
Run up on gang know you get clapped
Young Draco nigga I trap with a strap
Bullets they hit from the front and the back

Whippin up dope got the recipe
Bought so many bricks he throw me an extra key
I can't let these niggas come get the best of me
Pull on they block with the Draco and spray
He disrespect gang, leave him 6 feet deep
I came up straight out the concrete
Chopp clap so many times sound like a song on repeat
Douple cup full of promethazine

Make it clap
Make it clap just like Magnolia
I'm Young Draco nigga you call me Big Soulja
I trapped out the hellcat and bought me a Rover
I SKRT the Maserati like it's stolen
I got them keys, No Zaytoven
Whippin that dope in the pot till it lock (ugh)
Run up on gang you know you get shot (boom)

Skrt Skrt I'm Scrapin the side of the bowl
Whippin' that bitch I got bricks on the stove
Fuckin your bitch, I dont gotta brag gotta blow
Me and my niggas let's go take a toast
Spray with the draco if a nigga standin' too close
I just got a brand new draco
So tell me who the fuck really want smoke

Back in the trap I went 3kz?
Whippin up 3 babies
Sold me a pint, then I copped me a Mercedes
Whippin' that dope like it came out the 80's
Nigga get shot in Atlanta I sent him to Gradine?
Pussy ass nigga, You must be crazy
All of this money, this shit is amazin'
Young Draco nigga I do not play lazer tag
Pop out with sticks, and ???

Clap, Clap (clap)
Make that shit clap like Magnolia
Clap, Clap
Make that shit clap like Magnolia
Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap
Make that shit clap like Magnolia
??? Wrist my shit look like a Boulder
Clap, Clap
Make that shit clap like Magnolia
Clap, Clap
I make that choppa clap, like Magnolia (boom, boom)
Clap, Clap
I make that draco clap, like Magnolia
I got a chip on my shoulder
Earrings in my ear are bigger than a fuckin' boulder

I'm this nigga how you ain't notice that
AK-47 came with a shoulder strap
I Shoot with the Draco you know it got kick-back
Pourin' that lean, I need me a 6 pack
Ran off with your shit now you can't get your shit back
I got your bitch, come get your bitch back
I sippin lean smokin' gas in the Maybach
Pop up on nigga with dracos and we start to shoot
When that shit got hectic I jumped out the roof (jumped out the roof)
Smokin on dope and I'm pourin' up two
I'm fuckin your bitch, ??? your crew
Countin' that cash, if you only knew
I'm gettin hella clientele and revenue
I stuffed 100 bricks in a Bentley coupe

Play with the gang and you know that we shoot
Make that shit clap like the hot boys
Make that shit clap like Magnolia
Young Draco you nigga ???
Stand in the kitchen, I'm whippin the soda
You know I'm meetin my quota
Droppin' them bricks in the water
Young nigga fuckin' your daughter (smash)
Bentley came with a new spoiler (skrt, skrt)
I got them bricks nigga whats your order
I go to Mexico, jump 'cross the border
I go to Mexico then jump The Wall
Livin' my best life, Just like Duvall?
I Was in LA, but now I'm in New York
Smell like a brick, when I'm up at court
Ballin on niggas like it's a sport
?? at niggas like what the fuck
Smell like a pound thru the TSA

Fuckin' your bitch and I get it on replay
Whip up a brick, in front of his face
Benihana, I got good taste
Junkies at my front door they know I got good crack
Like a boomerang they keep comin' back
Word around town I got good crack
Fuck the rap game I'm droppin my ??
Black ??? look like Bentley GT
Black Bentley look like BatMobile
Run up on gang you get popped like a pill
Young Draco nigga we rich before the deal
17, I made my first mill
Word around town I got M & M's
Right now, I'm worth 30 M's
Whippin my wrist when I jump out the gym
Swimmin' pool, at the mansion
Damn, but Young Draco can't swim

In the trap know that I get it in
Whippin that dope tryna bring back a 10
Fuckin your bitch and that bitch best friend
Young Draco nigga you know I go in
Free all my niggas thats locked in the Penn
Damn, Where should I begin
This shit started way back in the streets (yeah)
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