Paroles de la chanson Last Supper par Soulja Boy Tell Em

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Paroles de la chanson Last Supper par Soulja Boy Tell Em

Yeah, I wanna fuckin feel this shit, y'know?
You already know, bandkids the fucking movement
Huh, huh

Niggas chose 15 seconds of fame
Over the 15, [?]
VVS diamonds, they shine in the rain
Rollin up gas, don’t remember the strain
Run up a bag, I remember the pain
Take it back, every day I used to train
I was dead broke, used to rock a fake chain
Now every day, we hop on a plane
Did a few shows, and I ran up like 80

Save that shit up, it's supposed to get rainy
Just got a property somewhere in [?]
Momma said chopper, this gun for her safety
Bitch so bad, might give her a baby
She so happy, I hit on the daily
Offer the [?], he be talking 'bout ladies
Walk in the [?]

[Lil Mosey]
Is you outside, nigga? (Side)
Have to shoot that nigga, what time, nigga?
And it’s all black (Black)
2k, might spend it, ice so cold, feel like the winter
Got two bad ho's, fuck her, yeah (Bad, fuck her)
Shoot them with 12, I might duck her, yeah (Duck her)
Little handshake, then, fuck her (Fuck her)

Why you on her, like it's her last supper? (Last)
Yeah, and I'm drippin' like water
Ooh, yeah, bounce back and I'll fuck on your thot, mmh (Fuck on your thot)
Yeah, twenty shows, I don't know where I'm at
Yeah, fifty bands I’ma add to my sack

[Sauve & Soulja Boy & Lil Mosey]
Y-yeah, Trix are for kids
I throw the money, just for the bands
Bellows, just strip a big booty babe
I hit that bitch in the back of my crib
Lil nigga talking, he know that I made it
Shoot, choppa [?]
These niggas talking, they know that I made it
Yeah, young nigga eat your motherfuckin’ plate
Hop in the gatti and now I'm in the race

Whippin’ up dope right in your face
Calling my lawyer, I'm getting a case
I'm with Soulja, hop in a rover
I thought I told you, we 'takin over
Whippin up bands, [?]
Smoking on dope

[Sauve & Soulja Boy]
Bandkids, we blow like a bomb, [?]
I got some money, gave it to my mom
And she bought us a lawn
Hit the lil bitch then I pass the baton
I take a flight to Milan
Bad bitch, she [?]
Niggas gonna hate when they banging my song
I’m at the top, king kong
Back in my high school, y'all didn't get along

Everything I do is wrong
Bitch gotta drop her lil thong
Cut the dummies on me [?] prom
You know what we smokin, we smokin this strong, as if I didn't belong
No, you don't want smoke
Big Draco at your front door, we pose
Make a wrong move, shoot off your nose
Shot out the Benz, my young nigga kick in your door
I need some lean, pour up a four
Fuck it, fucking your bitch, fucking your ho
Yuh, the diamond chain rainbow
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