Paroles de la chanson Ball Like I’m Kobe par Soulja Boy Tell Em

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Paroles de la chanson Ball Like I’m Kobe par Soulja Boy Tell Em

[Soulja Boy]
Most of these niggas be phoney
Back in the trap I was eatin baloney
Walk in the club with 100k cash on me
New Lambo do the dash on it
[?] splash on it
Painted Lambo like the flash on it
The Rollie hit hard, the flash ain't even on it
I'm ridin in the Lamb with the gas ain't even on it
Bad bitch and I didn't even throw no cash on it
Draco sittin' in my lap with a hunnid rounds on me
Tell me who the fuck want it
Pull up, nigga, then I let y'all pop

We send shots so I see your body drop
Young Draco, nigga, you know I'm hot
[?] in the kitchen and beat up the pot
Gettin' money like me, nigga I think not
I hop in the Lamb and I drop off the top
I walk in the Louis, I'm spendin a guap
Walk in the strip club and I throw guap
Pussy ass lame ass cap rap nigga
When I see you in the streets you know you get slapped nigga
You a fuck boy and you know you wack nigga
AK-47 came with the shoulder strap, nigga
Young Draco dump a nigga body in the river
[?] with the Ak
You know Ima spray, my nigga
Tryna ride, don't do that, my nigga
I pop out that cut with my finger on trigger
Young Draco you know I'm that nigga

Smokin' on gas, fuckin' your sister
I'm ridin' round town in the Lambo
Two choppers I'm like Rambo
Pop out that cut and I shoot that shit up like I'm Elmo
Pull on your block with the 223 spray with the heat
Young Draco nigga got bricks in the Jeep
Young Draco nigga made money in sleep
223 bullets they spray out the street
223 bullets they spray up your house
Ridin' in foreigns I can't pronounce
Fuckin' your bitch then kickin' her out
Pop out that cut put a stick in your mouth
I Gucci the ceilin' but Louis the couch
I'm Young Draco, nigga I'm never in drought
[?] gon air this bitch out
345 3.5

Ridin through my trap, yeah and you know it's all good
Rick in the steering wheel, and you know it's leather
Make the wrong move I'll shoot you fuck nigga not Hollywood
Kill a fuck nigga then we dump his body in the woods
Yeah we set him up, he was lackin', he thought it was all good
Catch a [?] big Draco spray up your hood
Pull out the pistol, shot him in the face, did it 'cause I could
35 for a Rollie, big Back [?] like smokey
And I ball just like Kobe
35 for a Rollie, [?]
And I ball like Ginobili
And I ball just like Kobe

And this girl act like she know me
35 for a Rollie, Backwood like stokey
And I ball like Kobe
And I ball like I'm Kobe, yeah, 35 for a Rollie, yeah
Look at this girl right here, actin' like she know me
I ball just like Kobe, yeah

[Smooky MarGielaa]
Yeah, bitch I ball just like Kobe
100 racks in the duffel, I got big bankrolls on me
Bitch get out my way, if it ain't the racks don't call me
Ridin' round in the Wraith, 'member when I used to ride a stolen
Step on the scene, diamonds blingin' blangin', you can't even see

Too much green, I hopped on this jet, right to overseas
Rollie, bust down, [?] bust down
Try to fuck, bitch we got them [?]
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