Paroles de la chanson Outro (Malice ’N Wonderland) par Snoop Dogg

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Paroles de la chanson Outro (Malice ’N Wonderland) par Snoop Dogg

Operator - Hello, I'll be assisting in you for...
Boss Lady - ...Chantè *hang up*
Operator - Just tell me what'chu want me to do, Finder, Voicemail or More actions?
Snoop Dogg - Finder
Operator - Please tell your name after the tone *beep*
Snoop Dogg - Snoop Dogg
Operator - Please hold while I'll try your request

Choc - Hello?
Snoop Dogg - Choc?
Choc - Yeah?
Snoop Dogg - Where you mum at?
Choc - It's here
Snoop Dogg - What'cha you do?
Choc - Nothing
Snoop Dogg - Where at wit'chu?
Choc - It's here my momma
Snoop Dogg - Nobody else?
Choc - No
Snoop Dogg - OK, let me speak with your mum real quick
Choc - OK

Boss Lady - Hello?
Snoop Dogg - What's up?
Boss Lady - Nah, what's up?
Snoop Dogg - I'm just finish with this record, so... I wanna do some special, I wanna go somewhere (?) tomorrow, I wanna fly somewhere in other country someday
Boss Lady - I wanna fly in the Square Times
Snoop Dogg - All right, well, thank so, I gotta meet you in the airport
Boss Lady - I gotta check my (??)
Snoop Dogg - All right, bye
Boss Lady - Bye
Snoop Doog - Love
Boss Lady - Peace so
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