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Paroles de la chanson Hyperbolic Chamber Music par Ryan Hemsworth

(Mondre M.A.N.)
Main Attrakionz shit, big dreams
Got a lot of hope, we can take this shit wherever lil' cousin
Twenty dozen, still thuggin'
Grippin' on a lil' something, trying to triple the H
Hunter Hearst Hemsley
The "H" for the hustle if you get my pedigree
Tryna chill with the Emilies and Stephanies
Them loud ass nuggets get the best of me
This beat like a nic freak and I'm first to skeet

(Squadda B)
Catch a flashback, it's school time with backpacks
This shit wild, my nigga, we grew past that
Get a lap dance by the money we worked so hard for
Superstar, ??? Italian, need a foreign car for
Colors on my clothes, rebel, like Darfur
They hypnotize the ghetto one by one when I make art for
Things change so I gotta move accordingly
All that talking, all that chilling that shit boring me
Five chapters who I live for, important to me
I get lost chasing my dreams, life's a snore to me
I get whatever I want, life's a whore to me
A self-made thousandaire, you recording me
Face like an I.D., yeah bitch I'm good here
Quit popping them tags, it's a new year
Face like an I.D., yeah bitch I'm good here
Quit popping them tags, it's a new year

"Bruiser" (ad nauseum)

(Chavis Chandler)
Bitches ain't shit
Ain't none of these hoes 'bout nothin'
And I don't really know what they want from me
But I love 'em, yeah I'll get my love, baby

You fuckin' with a bruiser, you gotta play to win
Go get my money, wipe that cum off your chin
I set up a lick we get them boxes at ten
We celebrating with a lot of pussy juice and lot of Hen'
Blunt smoke, power back shots and long strokes
Gag reflexes, the bitch don't choke
Get Daddy bread and she bring it by the loaf
She like the way Daddy's semen coat her throat

(Chavis Chandler)
This bitch is possessed by the gold Rolex
All she want is the sex and she
Tryna find words to get that penny up out of me with the fondling
But I ain't really about the shit, so
I try to think and be observant
This situation is happening current-ly
Oh, my God, she's tryna ruin me
Tryna run away with my heart, but I ain't gonna let her, cause naw
Bitches ain't shit
Ain't none of these hoes 'bout nothin'
And I don't really know what they want from me
But I love 'em, yeah I'll get my love, baby

(Kool A.D.)
Kool A.D., D.R., Greedhead
Shout out to Clayton, the P.R. weedhead
Beat so smooth, you could call it yacht rap
You don't need a yacht, get your rich boy to cop that
Check me out, I'm Ice T
Hecka little cocoas wanna wife me
My money's so likely, I don't like it but I like me
Twice it but I like three, triple that, lickupon a nipple fat
Fake Jackson Pollack in a Danish hotel
All for the stories that your famous bro tell
Do a lot of shows and it go well
And if they don't, then "oh well"
Don't like to go to hell
Watch me when I get my money up I'mma go Chappelle
Long vacations in developing nations
Leaning on promethazine
Young brown Kreayshawn, shoulda been a cop, like Pace Won
R.I.P. Ason Unique, ayo, plus, also fuck B-Unique
Hoes in front rows at shows, I see you, freak
Every week shark week, I call it tuba week, short for ???
*speaking spanish or portuguese?*
See your boy in Costa Ric, a freakin' on a chocha Rica, yee-haw
Ride 'em cowboy, cheeba that curious strong, that Altoids

(Big Baby Gandhi)
Hola, yo soy Nafis
Ya boy, ya beast, in a St. Croix fleece
??? sneaks, on the mic a joy to say the least
Off the mic, stay annoyin' my peeps
Asleep on the train, woke up on the boulevard
Weed, cocaine and the dope up on my boulevard
Where they pull your card if you're looking too hard
I got this one incense, got me smelling like God
Whole world trash and the human race dirty
Old world clash with the new one's raised badly
Sadly, how come family ain't family
Gag me, kill me, take me out my misery
You did it for the dollar bill, I did it for the dollar bill
Main difference is that I spent it how a scholar will
Did it with a lotta skill, lyric cause I swallow pill
There's like 30 dudes rapping, so I'mma chill

(Key Nyata)
Sheeit, I'm probably perkin' forever
Cause if the pimpin' is poppin' it's similar to Beretta
It's goin' off, so every time I visit her house
She take my dick up out my pants and put it straight in her mouth
Young fly nigga, Raider Klan stand for the 2010
Plus two, I'm tryna fuck you and
If the game is tight, then I can make her come too
Gimme the cash, gimme the cash, like I'm robbin' you
Shit, I gives a fuck about your talkin', boo
Cause if it wasn't for that ass, I wouldn't talk to you
Love cash so I'm racetrack walkin' you
Pimpin', you niggas tender like chicken
Call that girl fender cause the way that she bendin'
Jheri curl drippin', hear what a nigga say
Can't fuck wit' a nigga in the mack game

(Key Nyata) [x2]
I want you to bring me the cash
I said I want you to bring me the cash
I said want you to bring me the cash
One time, two times for that ass

(Isaiah Toothtaker)
Toothtaker make a motherfucker repeat himself
Whatcha talkin' 'bout, who you think you're talkin' to?
Say it face to face, see if it comes out the same way
We don't play, I thought you knew
Actions speak loudest, so just let your mouth rest
Countless accounts expressed, you can't prove
We found out and now, we gon' test miles down southwest
You best to claim true
And I don't know where you're going with this
It won't be over unless they put me under arrest
I put you under the ground, they want to serve and protect
I wanna serve clowns and burn shit down
In the match, little lighter me
To be a little brighter I gotta fire desire
Live the life of a fighter
I'm ridin' around the corner on the block
Ignoring city ordinance, street signs and stop
I got the guts and the glory, you can give it all you got
I'ma find what rhymes with orange, extraordinary guy
I think I'm more important, my priorities are top
I get it off and poppin' like I'm Orville Redenbacher
Excuse me doctor, why am I so sick?
Excuses, excuses, you just the shit
Ain't no flu, you make music illicit
Make yo' bank and then make pigs suck your dick

It's so outrageous, man this shit's so crazy, so crazy
It's so outrageous, they way that they keep hatin', keep hatin'
It's so outrageous, but homey y'all can't phase us, can't phase us
It's so outrageous, cause homey we stay faded, stay faded

Know where the trap's at, got tats, might snap
Bags, two tracks and an automatic Mac
That don't mean you can rap, you can still be wack
Mighta got the look down but it's lyrics you lack
I'll be damned to, copy what they do on camera
If it's cool, I'm a nerd, Lambda Lambda Lambda
In a Bama bandana, cram to examine my hinges (?)
And judge the fans who test his name to enter answers
Cause he ain't as cool as you think
That's why they get on, and then they gone
Before you can blink, ain't shit without a clique
Bet they wouldn't even sting, brains like a little chain
I think they missin' a link, I can pick 'em out like a booger
They claim to be gettin' pussy but tanks full of sugars
Should you continue to let 'em pose?
You the one that's in control
Cause as it ain't so the label says no mo'
It's quick to let 'em go, so you should go

Tryna make it 'round the world, like them Globetrotters
Flow hotter but I still gotta go harder
Can't stop, never quit, what the weak do
Gotta hustle round the clock, that's what we do
Can't blow it on some bullshit, can't afford to do it
Spaced out in my zone feeling Sortahuman
Yeah we take the work and flip it like a hotcake
Tree smokin' hell good, think my pot laced
It's so outrageous, man this shit's so crazy, so crazy
It's so outrageous, they way that they keep hatin', keep hatin'
It's so outrageous, but homey y'all can't phase us, can't phase us
It's so outrageous, cause homey we stay faded, stay faded

(Dizzy D)
It's so outrageous, fantastic, phenomenal
Hits your cerebral and all in your abdominal
Goosebumps come quick, weird astronomical
Y'all so comical, we so muy fuego
So sick, gross like Juggalo's Faygo
We got the good and the bad, horns and haloes
Gotta stay paid though, Sortahuman's on the game
Til I'm under the red clay, over everything
Some cats'll do anything, your boy say anything
Almost like a bloodlust, never bit by the fangs
Not in the same lane, we are not the same thing
Roll with a gang full of stoners, don't gang bang
Elevated minds, embraced where this changed
Fuck all the hype, forget stereotypes
We enjoy rappers, not rappers that are white
Fuck labels whether record labels or in real life

It's so outrageous, man this shit's so crazy, so crazy
It's so outrageous, they way that they keep hatin', keep hatin'
It's so outrageous, but homey y'all can't phase us, can't phase us
It's so outrageous, cause homey we stay faded, stay faded

It's so contagious, the way we stay sprayin' it
The way I stay faded like an artist's picture when he paint it
Maybe that's shady, maybe I'm mistaken
Takin' this shit more seriously than I should
But if I could, I would leave it all behind
Find a different grind
Chron to mid chron is what I'm hittin' on
This shit here, this shit here
Have your mind spinnin' and trippin'
You're catchin' the fear, maybe it's this year, maybe it's not
No matter what happen we gon' stick to the plot
This music shit must not stop
This my outlet cause I don't like goin' to outlets
For outfits, I sit in this bitch and push out hits
Like it ain't shit, life's just a bitch
That I intend to fuck so good luck tryna fuck me
Now go on, light the blunt and fill the cups up with Hennessey

It's so outrageous, man this shit's so crazy, so crazy
It's so outrageous, they way that they keep hatin', keep hatin'
It's so outrageous, but homey y'all can't phase us, can't phase us
It's so outrageous, cause homey we stay faded, stay faded

(Left Leberra)
This shit sound like a ski trip
Stuck on the chairlift, tight rap ain't this
Left Leberra, trick, most known unknown
Digital Underground, bitch I got a bunch of sounds
Tryna run the net, nigga you can run the town
Pow, pow, get your fuckin' power up
Stop takin' power naps
We the shat, we the shit
Past and present tense
No offense, bitch, drop into a split

(Don D)
Woke up, like I know we won
Frontin' ain't on me for puttin' on
It's a pawn, so we looked at Shawn
Business is personal
Locally respected, but worldwide neglected I would never want to be
Catch a breeze from these trees
Potent ??? I keep 'em with me
If you really talkin' bout it
Then you can give a 60 to ice and we left from ???
Takin' us everywhere, no lie, off of that 1-6
To cross that footbridge
And if I'm iffy by the talent I got 5, I know, sick

(Rod Fuego)
I'm a young super immaculate
Rap til I get callouses
C-T, nigga, but I'll be up where an atlas lives
Know the light skin, I'm a rebel to the establishment
A lot of people overlook, 'gon be lookin' up madder shit
Even Mike wasn't first draft, I go hard
Til that cum you feel hurts bad
Ain't no second guessing
I'm making niggas hang theyself, we goin' back to lynching
Seven black cats, my superstition is an instant ???

Since commas and triple set, bet my life on it
M-O-T, Matter of Time, til lights on it
Til they bite on it, Big League Chew
Til the team hawks spit, and spends endless nights on it
??? or perfected, ??? ?? ???
??? ??? so ill, we gotta be feared
Bubble like mind clears, subtle but not scared
Smoke blunts and no repairs, it's only wrong if you care

Put the top back, uh-huh
Ma you like that?
I could do it to you fancy like a top hat
Come on, tell me lil mama can you top that? Well can you top that?
I give you constant whiplash, rapping like I'm RiFF RAFF
But spit facts uninhibited, with the pimp slaps
Get the spinach and I'm finishing in olive oil
Cookin' on the Bar-B while yall shrimp just boil
Gold leaf on the soil, plush seats like I'm royal
Your bitch grab more dicks than a Manhattan Mohel
Your ho ain't got a pussy that's hotdog in a hallway
You ain't got a dick, that's a hot dog in the hallway
You ain't gotta quit, man I'm eatin' like a Akira this year
I'm tryna hear a sound barrier burst
You can bury the old me in a shoebox in the hearse
Truly liberated, not no Pattie fuckin' Herst
You only heard me right now but been ill since birth
Long jaundice, beat the walls to pieces
Long dong, bitch, smoke in peace, lungs full of hashish
From the bong rips do it to ya
I keep it constant, take your mind out the frame
To some place so cosmic, step up out the pond
Get a taste for water salted
Do the pussy like a pretzel, I'm assault it...white mustard in the condom and I'm gone bitch

Yo it's your boy, Lakutis in the pool
Hanging with Mila Kunis in the pool
She said I'm the cutest in the pool
Then she put it on me like I'm Ja Rule, awww girl
I'm the flyest this side of the Mississippi
And this side is the side that fucks with me
Am I SSI or B-I, get me
All my peoples with me
All the hoes on me, all them all watch me
Ice cold saki, might blow probably
Never see y'all again but I like y'all a lot, B
Just playin', I don't like no one
See me goin' dumb like a shogun
Rap hands glow like Sho Nuff
Ass damn dead I'm so gruff
Y'all bite rhymes, I fight crimes like
Batman, Darkwing, Scruff McGruff
That's wassup

(Fat Tony)
Fat Tony in this bitch, representin' me myself and I
Got a few friends on this track I wanna tell 'em "Hi"
I'm comin' out of Houston so you know my collar's never dry
Wonder why? Because the high's around 95
And I don't drive, I just ride on niggas I despise
I eat Thai, and walk til I can sit inside
In this environment, I'm wetter than a slip-n-slide
Feeling hotter than the fire felt by Richard Pryor

Lofty, 305
Doin' shrooms, gettin' high
Gettin' by, broke as fuck
Tryna hit a lick for the come-up, wassup bitch
I ain't seen that ass in a while
You're suckin' my dick and I like your style
Hol' up, Lofty305 got a fat blunt, and you can have one
If you can grab one
Nah, not the blunt, bitch, bitch I mean my dick
Lofty305, catchin' nuts on a bitch
I'm bout to run up on them tits, yeah
I got a thing for the bitch, damn
She got a thing for the posh game
I ain't even gotta say my name
Wanna come up on the scene, yeah she know it's me
Lofty305, all with the family
???, what's up my nigga chip
Metro see what we're goin' through this fuckin' year
Take over, with my niggas, damn
Shout out to Raider Klan, yeah we back in this
Fuck a bitch, one mo' gin til the world end
We finna make it spin off its axis
Yeah we back with them hoes cause this is that mack shit
You know how it is, bitch

Cyberpunk, and you a cyber bitch
I'm a cyberpunk, and you're a cyber bitch

Chillin', loungin' in Florida
Smoked out, loc'd out in a Corolla
I look at my phone, another Red Bull
Tryna pick me up from the studio, yo
She said "I got some Xanax and some good weed"
I said I got some good dick, that's what you need, you know
To get by to go to sleep, then I'll still lurk for the midnight creep
I call up Lofty, like "Yo, what's the play with the week?"
Everything doin' good, goin' good with the fam
Holla at ??? like "Y'all stayin' up, y'all on the right track and shit?"
I'm the low letter and I keep Village South together, so I guess you could call me the general
I keep my niggas together and I bring 'em up, and I still don't give a fuck
Bust a nut in a slut, and call it a wrap
I never had a gat, I just got my iron fixed
So if you wanna fuck with VS, get your head bust, nigga, when my iron booms
Fuck your gold grills, I got my calcium filled teeth

(Himself The Majestic)
Himself the medical, murder mami so tender though
Incredible, forever ho chopper spittin' propeller flow
You met the most sickest, everything is gold glisten
You ain't see like small crickets, barely heard with no lizzip
It's a King, Jerry Lawler on the taping
And I'll be drinking 40 Ounces til I'm fucking eighty
Rap until they pay me, cruisin' with your lady
Surfin' every ocean in the place, I'm feelin' wavy
Please believe, it's an eastside spitta
They gon' need the motherfuckin' Force to come and get us
Elevator lift up, better late than never
Said I made 'em wait, now they see me swervin' in a pick-up
Top of my game like the Game Genie cartridge
Compare art it's, next to nothing
Coming from the city of set trip and dumpin'
Henny and a blunt, we roll thick and function

(Shady Blaze)
New year, same hustle, same color reppin'
Cold world, never shiver, block is hot but I'm never sweatin'
Keep growing, I'm smarter than I was last week
Cops arrestin' but it ain't me that's trapped in that back seat
Shady Blaze, all I know is Green Ova
Sorry if I don't recognize you I never am sober
All my niggas on this track is real hustlers, it's time to get it
It feels like my life ain't worth shit unless I spit it
Too many snakes out here, too many rats
Too much cheddar to get, it's a war in my habitat
This isn't average rap, fam givin' love, make sure they have it back
Momma raised me, I ain't care about where my dad was at
Fuckin' up, thinkin' that crime shit was cool and
Gettin' chips, it felt like I was wasting time up in school
So I dipped, look at me, but don't judge a book by its cover
This the future of this rap shit, man, you gotta love it

(Keyboard Kid)
You gotta respect the hustle, was always a big dreamer
Now a nigga waitin' on that big check, no FEMA
I wanna ball, the game call me to the court, got subpoenaed
They say life is a bitch, not if you get in between her
I put the pipe on her lap, now she a crack addict
Pillowtalk to my dream, gave me a crack at it
Made our own lane, yeah I'm reppin' this bay shit
Took the red pill, got up out of the fake shit
Playin' the role and kneel, get you out of this matrix
Take you and me to Based World, just hop in this spaceship
All these rappers killers when the get on wax
Well I'm a murderer too, shit I'm killing this track
Leveled up quickly, never use a cheat code
Still run point for the city like I'm D-Rose
Fuck all the bullshit, I can smell it miles away
Some of you fake niggas best to stay the fuck out my face

Fuck the world, call it calisthenics
Bitch is wildin' out and my dick ain't even in it yet
Pussy good in 2012, reppin' Dipset, that booty thumpin'
Wonder if she popped a pill yet
Block wild to see, they used to not be my peoples
Unil they heard that fantasy best, now they on my peep though
Summertime crack sales, homey hugged the physical
They felt it through they bodies now the book ??? spiritual
That boy did it, here's to you
And all the people's in my life that made it possible
I rob banks, you com-plain
Do something for yourself nigga or else you're gettin' pocket change
Remember me and my nigga used to just get a pizza
Now we good, constantly rollin' weed up haters can't see us
But wanna 3D us, only show the ??? to the girs, yeah, see ya
Wouldn't want to be on my style, weed smoke to the shores of Korea
Or onomatopoeia, whatever nigga

(Western Tink)
I can't trust nobody, I trust nobody
See every motherfucker tryna be John Gotti
See every motherfucker got his hand on the shotty
And he's scared to death, so he's gon' squeeze probably
Like a happy dude, the minor is shit for major consequence
Trippin' actin' like I got no sense
When the name of the game's to break down defense
Nowadays I see this shit from a new vantage
Used to think like I wasn't gon' see tomorrow, but
Think what if I was to see tomorrow
One day you're standin' on top Mt. Kilamanjaro
The next you're askin' the homies can you borrow a dollar
Somebody close to me put me up that there'd be days like this
Them the moments when these niggas show they true faces
Some of my friends is foes, some of my foes is blessings
So many said to keep it real, but that's just an expression
I keep it, mobbin'...

(Chippy Nonstop)
Girls, girls, girls, come on stay on your feet
One shoulder, one arm, what can tear us apart
One hand, one foot, nothing tear us apart
This is the end, this is just the start
I can't feel it no more, I can't take it no more
"The world is yours," he always said to me
"The world is yours," nothing left to believe
Nothing led to believe, ay, Chippy

(Chippy Nonstop) (x2)
Bitches is the shit, you niggas ain't shit
Bitches is the shit, cause you niggas ain't shit
Bitches is the shit, you niggas ain't shit
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