Paroles de la chanson Kane & Undertaker par RV

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Paroles de la chanson Kane & Undertaker par RV

I ain't tryna clean up when I'm bringing the mop
I'm spinning the block
Won't find them chilling at Tops
Too much man got did in that spot
Nowadays you get life for an AM
Even more reason to finish the job
No phones on the glide
Make them make calls so I'm ringing it off
Been out there since school days
Shoulda been black Air Ones, not Kickers
Went home with blood on my shank
No gold stars, didn't earn no stickers
I'm in the field, I'm good with my feet but I'm not the fittest
Run man down, tryna put him to sleep
Woulda beat me but bro was the quickest

Little bro stepped in with the ZK blade, same size as my dreads
I've got arms and I'll show a man strength
Man's ultra attack with the nine in the 4-4-2, fuck playing defence
Bro stepped in with the mop and he spilled some juice
It's mad I weren't making the mess, fuck it
Jump out gang, man's with it, let that grrt then bill it
Four man down one day, it was me and gang that did it
I'm like come on man you know the vibes
Caught him again so we did him up twice
It's been ten years straight
Now the feds got me screaming out "Free all the guys"
You see nothing ain't nice

I was on G wing washing my bedding
That's green sheets and a blue mattress
Blade in my hand like Wolverine
Shoulda been me instead of Hugh Jackman
We don't talk much, we just do action
Opps get rubbed out when the crew catch them
My man came out of jail
Now he's in Hell, gotta do a new caption

I was on C wing giving out orders
See a man's flesh get spread like Flora
I was like Fat Ron in my prime
Put me up front, prominent scorer
'016 got spent in the sauna
He got saw on that corner
Shot on that corner, dropped on that corner
And we're still outside on that corner

If you see me on Lordship Lane
You know where I'm heading
Me and my blade at the wedding
I had it on stage performing at Reading
My man said he wants beef
Cool, took out my shank and fed him
Had the dot dots under my mattress
Pray that my mum didn't change my bedding

See I'm not just rapping
I'm on Five Ways, who we attacking?
I'll sponsor all of that shit
Made the young boys fire up, one in the clip

Mask on like Kane, never burned my face
Stop talk and chat, man it hurts my brain
Suttin turned pack in the woods
And two turned pack on Turnpike Lane

Long hair, long jacket
I'm feeling like The Undertaker
Real gravedigger, big risk taker
Make man meet the creator
I was in school sitting exams with Luger and nines in my blazer
Godfather, I just throw man racks and they turn man flavours

All of that work that I done in my days
Can't drive past opps, gotta fling on the brakes
Since '09 I was flicking my blade
Now I've copped new boots that's bigger than Ye's
They don't want pepper, them man are baby spice, Emma Bunton
Told the young G's to rise up the guns dem
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