Paroles de la chanson Innerhum par Rover

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Paroles de la chanson Innerhum par Rover

Lay beneath the open sun
Hear my bodys’ inner hum
All I do is wait and stare
Colliding mountains never had this life
And I want to see it every night
Yes we do and then we brake

Oh but all those days and nights we get our feelings back for good,
I’m on the run
Could you ever see the light
For all the things you said
You gave them love in everyway
You gave them food
Will you ever get it back

So get off
We’re even with my song
Get closer in everyway
Can feelings ever stay

Or get on
Start feeling with your heart
Live slower everyday
Make a fortune your own way

Stand beneath the open space
All I hear is solumn bass
Some they do and some they brake

Oh beneath the rains beneath their open lot
Aging lovers anyhow
Guilty feelings may upset

Oh but now the days are stealing day by day I’m getting wild blinks on my mind
Will I ever see it go

And when all the feelings vanish as they linger through the final saying « good-bye »
Feeling sour before it goes

So get on
Get eaten with your soul
It floats here all around
And I’m getting off the ground

So get off
Your bursting with your fire
You’ll love it anyhow
And you’ll see it in the sun

I wake upon my legs
Chassed down the wrong like some had said
When I’m leaving it all behind
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