Paroles de la chanson Halloween Cypher 3.0 par Rob twizz

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Paroles de la chanson Halloween Cypher 3.0 par Rob twizz

[Slender Man]
Ah, Ah, Ah, Free Bobby
Slender Man, I'm 6 foot 80
Girls call me Marshall I’m slim and I'm shady
This ain't computer games do not play me
I will deflate your face like Tom Brady
I’m Woke, they don't got bars like me
Stop lying king they don't leave scars like me
Square up, I feel like Jon Jones in his prime
I'll have her rainin' bows like Tekashi 6ix9ine
Taking more L's then Russ so stop it
San Gennaro feast get smoked like sausage
I only come out the woods to pop shit
I'll toss A-Boogie right off of a high bridge
Soaking wet, I may weigh a buck ten
Google Bob Dandridge, I will buck ten

All black suit, pop up in your daughter's face
Call me Young Odell stretch em’ cus’ i caught a case (BOO!)
Pop up on your screen start screaming
All white face can't see me, John Cena
I don’t throw shade I'm in the shadow where I'm creepin'
Slender Man scared the chicken shit right outta vegan

[Michael Myers]
What’s beef?
Beef is when you die a few times in one week
Beer is when they hatin' on me, I don't even speak
Beef is when you see me for a second on the street
Then where'd I go? I'm like Houdini on my feet

Probably in a treat, Freddy is a dream chaser
Sign that boy to Meek
Call me Michael Gryers cus' I'm pullin' outcha teeth
Stab you during sex that's a happy Halloween
Stoop kid afraid to leave the stoop he'll get cut
I made the same movie eleven times, trick what?
You still gonna pay to see me rearrange guts
Tell Jamie Lee Curtis get up off my nuts
That's not a white mask I just don't tat my face
I don't chase hoes I walk at my own pace
Tell Mark Cuban I got something for his bank
All up in my business end up in the shark tank
50 told me "Get the strap"
The only time 50 got the power when he acts
I'm like a Spanish girl I don't say ask I say aks

So boy don't touch my axe imma toss it to ya back
Damn that boy Mikey goin' brazy
Really with the bullshit like Jordan in the 80's
Imma turn you ghost like that boy Patrick Swayze
Killers catch a case and start singin' like they Swae Lee
Hee hee hee

Come here Georgie!
Tag your it
Im, IT
I'm popping this confetti dawg, I pull up with a stick
Georgie tried to pull up to my sewer and got ripped

I'm snatching little kids like Jared Fogle with the wrist
Son, count to seven
You're gonna see stranger things when it hits eleven
I be in the bando strapped with no weapons
Just me and my balloon, I'm choking these kids senseless
Blah! It's gonna be a bloody ass circus
Blah! Ronald McDonald'll catch you hurting
Blah! They say you only see me when you're scared
What? Then how the hell you see me right here?
Huh? I got you Harlem shaking in your collar
Young Pennywise but I'm all about a dollar
Gimme the loot, Timberland clan boots
My hair's on fleek and I'm hung like a noose
Young Tropicana, come here kid I got the juice
I'm slapping Cardi B 'till she's Bodak Blue

Truce? I don't think so, I want the problems
I want all the smoke, New Ports and your mama
I ain't clowning around, I will do the honors
And put your ass to sleep like Khabib did to Conor
Snooze! Watch me go and do my little dance
Forget world peace I'm Artest with the hands

[Freddy Krueger]
This is grade-A rap
Make a punk do the race like Tay-K track
Chucky's bride wanna kick it like Pele's back
Prolly cause I'm making moves like Ray J's hat
I'm from Elm Street, blood what's blappin?
Stripes on my shirt, you know I'm the captain
They tried to say they burned me alive, that ain't happen

These killers should be workin for Lids, they straight cappin'
Blades on my fingers, I make em respect me
Forget a nightmare, give your girl a wet dream
Snooze you lose, pop in your damn sleep
You bums make it easy, keep up with them xannies
Listen I've been thinking, and I ain't even racist
We got the whitest names - Freddy, Michael and Jason
Tell me why's it no black killers in the block?
Only black killer I ever seen was a cop
Forget a narc, that's the real fright
Only time I ask for 12 is sex at midnight
I'm Freddy Krueger, I pull with many shooters
I'm liftin the heavy Ruger, I'm hittin these petty losers (bang!)
Freddy really with the gang shit

Have your body underwater, word to plancton
Oh you work out? Then for you, plank this
Rap game Razor Ramon, I shave shit
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