Paroles de la chanson Everybody Ain't Ya Friend par Plies

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Paroles de la chanson Everybody Ain't Ya Friend par Plies

See ya friends turned foe
Seen alot of homies flip
Seen niccas go up da road
Seen alot of homies dip
When you love em, you don't cross em
That's how i was built
They'll stab you in the back
Im talkin soon as you slip
You was my round how you have that much envy for the kid
You was plotting the whole time I couldn't even see it
My dog you was never suppose to want my spot
On me you was never suppose to cross ya nut i knew your heart it was dirty
You couldn't even look me in my eye

Nicca stab me in the heart I was bleeding inside
How you go against thee grain
I believed in you
I give you the shirt off my back
I trusted in you
When i found out you was creepin it knocked the wind out of me
Trying to come up off a nicca you wasn't no real friend to me
How you niccas sleep at night when you knees you wasn't fair
If you ever needed me you knew i was there

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