Paroles de la chanson Wonder (Shinin' On) par Patrice

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Paroles de la chanson Wonder (Shinin' On) par Patrice

We keep rising on
we keep shining on

[Chorus] :
you walk and you talk without love in your heart
so now you wonder...
upon Jah people you stare
about Jah you don't care
so now you wonder...
you big up your chest and you think you are the best
so you wonder...
it is wind you ah sow
but you will reap thunderstorm
yes you will wonder...

they stand up to me as if they were somebody
they want you to believe that your god is false
and their god is real
but the seed them caste is what them will reap at last they
believe in vnaity
what's the reason for your stupidness
your foolishness, you ignorance?
you never consider any consequence
of your actions them, that's madness
you are going to take this for fun
until you feel judgement burn
act like you don't understand
and run from Jah son it's your own possessions you are
by ooh man, it's so sad to see how you ah flex and

ah gwan you act like a fool you are ruled by you tools by
what was made for their own use human beings now get

hearts and minds are confused
instead of seeking love and truth
they have fear


[Répétition] :
we keep shining on
we keep rising on
we keep riding on
we keep praising on

them all express pure uglyness by their possessions
them get possessed
them manifest pure emptiness
what their speech and deeds reflect
the heart that beats behind your chest
beats to the rhythm of your clock
guess what the have-nots
they are fed up too long
they are bleeding blood
but your guiltiness is gonna rest on your conscience
the world regains its consciouness
as the father resurrects
babatunde - the father has come back
babatunde - because this place here has to get blessed


[Répétition] dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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