Paroles de la chanson Party par Patrice

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Paroles de la chanson Party par Patrice

[Chorus] :
Oh Lordi, Lordi, who rocks the party party
it's babatunde, patrice babatunde
all the ladies wind up your body

there is fire on the dancefloor
'cause patrice is in the dancehall
all the massive that love Jah
say yeah yeah
there is fire on the dancefloor
'cause bantu is in the dancehall
if you are rightious and hardcore
say yeah yeah
oh what a beat what a heat
it makes you kick up your feet
all the massive and all crews

if you have lighters let me see it
oh what a tune what song
look at the dancefloor it's burning
just enjoy yourselves and have fun


when babatunde is in action
wack mc's run for protection
an iron shirt I put on
and your seccion I wreck down
and satan I burn so that
his eyes turn brown
and his skin gets a sun-tan
if you can't stand the heat
you should put dancing shoes on your feet
and if you can't stand the glow
you should put on your dancing shoes

and then move, 'cause it's good for you
it keeps your body fit and makes your
motions look so smooth
and then dance to the rhythm of my chant
leave your troubles behind
because it's culture we perform

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