Paroles de la chanson Keep On Walking par Passenger

Paroles de Simon PROUVEZE
Musique de Simon PROUVEZE, Benoit DIEDRICH, Guillaume COMBRES

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Paroles de la chanson Keep On Walking par Passenger

Stay concentrated
Don’t look around
Straight you’ve got to go straight ahead
Don’t look back
Stay concentrated
I know your feet are heavy
You can’t run but you can walk
You can’t hide, there’s no storm
Stay concentrated you’ve lost too many
You’ve got to make it thru
Don’t think, just walk, it hurts, I know But river heals you
It hurts
But you can make it real
Don’t lose your mind they are blind You can’t run but you can walk
Don’t even think to talk
Chain around my ankle, fuck that chain Stay focused, walk walk walk
You hear them but they don’t
Walk walk walk thru the river
River is your road, river is your pain Stay focused on your aim
Breathe Again
Your mind is clear your legs are strong You feel them near
No no no nothing’s gonna be wrong Wrong is in the past
Suffering all along those last days To find another way to escape
Maybe you’ll find someone like you
Ahead go ahead ! Behind ?
Only strange fruits, dogs food, twisted mouth, burning flesh Remember that kind of mess
No no ! No more Necktie parties ! Come on legs come on legs
Runaway it’s the only way
Stay concentrated stay focused
Don’t look back I’m close to the end The end of the road
I know I know I’m in the dark But Freedom is my light Freedom is my dream

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