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Paroles de la chanson Credits par Parcels

Yeah, and that brings us to the end of what we hope
Has been a beautiful trip for you and yours
And what certainly has been a groovy ride for me
My name is Dean Dawson
And the Parcels and I would like to say thanks
For listening to their debut album
The band would like to thank
Lucky Boy, Lucky Luke, Martin Vashkovitz
Senior Micoright, the mastering master
The musical features Caille Morales, Lucas Dorado
Rowan Hamwood, play that flute damn good, boy
Flow Bangigi, Eric Eishinger, Evan Sharam, Philip Skunk
Goddamn, he comin' through with that sticky-icky-icky, oof

Steve Jordan, Blues Brothers, Jay Picon
Man in the field, yeah we see you out there
Bill Galudamon, you the man, you know that right?
Robot Killer and The Money Brothers, ka-ching
Parley between the one and three, not the four-five
So drop that disguise
Mara Dougas, Yoshi Boy, Yoshi Man, what is heaps?
Why don't you find out for your damn self? Fuck that shit
Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters
Uncles and aunties, yeah, tell granny and grandpa too
It's the Parcels debut LP
Carmon Crompace, Craig Roshford, Max Dezorgna
Antoine Alex and Ruby and Penelope
Ayy, ayy, girl, you forgot your luggage
We got time, come around, pick that shit up please

Thank you
Lilly, Picky, and the KKT family
Klem Bonell, Brother J-Slom
Mollex J, Kai-Kai, Daniel Fefu, Dabu Gots
The sixth member of Yashua Keyhole
Tom Withicka, God bless
Ana Ditraisson, Glen, Ned, Steve, T, Marlo
Mouse on Mars, man, Andy and Gana
Jas and Ana Lina, poster girls
Yeah, they look hot on the wall right there, oh my god
Simon Fonse, Jonas Hollard, Fluan Boodie, and Bentley
Emergency is Doctor Huck
You know we gotta shout out Felix Competer
Meesh Spangle, The Foxes, Jildis, Frederic
Chloe and Baptiste
And Manuel Nabuditel, Masonic Music Crew

Max Courage, Chris Danica, Scott Owen, Thom and Guy Man
Salarian Crew, but don't get yourself burnt
'Cause the Parcels album was damn hot, and you know that
Ruban Keynas, the whole Sahara Imbus team
Aw shit, I'm feelin' hungry right now
Let's go get somethin' to eat, please
And of course Steffena, our classy hairdresser
And if you didn't hear your name, don't get mad
You know the Parcels are carrying you in their heart
You know who you are
Until the next time, we'd like to say
Spread that love, peace, and happiness
'Cause it's the Parcels debut LP, baby
This is the debut LP, baby

So what you gon' do now?
Just rewind it and play back from the top
Just like that
It's the debut album, baby
The Parcels, yeah
The Parcels, yeah
It's the Parcels, yeah dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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